The Proofer’s Pen, Inc. Introductory and proofreading rates

Proofreading was a hobby for me since 2003. The weirdest thing was being able to spot grammatical errors in anything written or seen online. Being asked to proofread stories written by others was an honor. Now, it would be my honor to get paid for it also.

Right now, for The Proofer’s Pen Inc., the focus was smaller projects like term papers up to 13 pages. It made turnaround a lot simpler. For my niece’s paper, it took two hours.

The Proofer’s Pen, Inc. Check out my credentials! My knowledge of writing styles wasn’t limited to AP Style, but this was the format most used by news outlets and magazine writers. Thanks to those much needed ‘grammar issues’ on her paper, one missing word and several comma splices in the first six pages that were found by me and corrected, she got an “A”.

Referral Page Feel  free to send business my way! Whatever small project needed looking at just inbox me at or My rate is $30 an hour.

*Editorial Freelancers Association PROOFREADING Based on page count. This was the going rate for term papers at the moment. This changes every year. Granted, my niece knew what she wrote about and linked it accordingly using MLA Style, so checking the writing styles  will be included in the future price at no additional charge.

Payments will be made through PayPal, made out in my name, so global reach was not possible yet. The beauty of this was that there was a way to set up invoices. This was discovered by me a few years ago.

*Taxes for proofreading were allowed.

*Copyright infringement was the sole responsibility of the client. Make sure that the work sent to me was not plagiarized in any way. College professors frown heavily on things like that and so does the rest of the world. By the time one reached the college level those linked words should be well understood by writers of all types anyway.  Being disgraced like that by a client would get them immediately cut off from me if discovered.