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Black Friday 2016: Tech and movie tie-ins predicted hits

Black Friday 2016 will be upon us soon, now that the Presidential Election is over. One thing different this year is that there are a whole host of stores that decided that they are remaining closed on Thanksgiving Day.

This blogger believes that Black Friday 2016 actually started long before the target date. The ads for great Christmas buys started after Halloween. If shoppers were smart, shopping should start midsummer. My mother read me the riot act for waiting until Christmas Eve to shop for gifts. Then threaten bodily harm if my shopping done before Thanksgiving. I did my shopping via the internet after that tirade. To be honest, Black Friday 2016 and Christmas Eve were the worst times to do one’s shopping. The stores were a mad house for those rushing to get the best deals in the beginning and buy those forgotten on their list the night before Christmas.

Don’t lose heart, though. There are places that have good deals on some of the hottest selling items this season. While some stores wished to remain closed, the list of those staying open are updated daily.According to one article on AOL, one of the biggest sellers this season is to be the iPod. The Nintendo NES has been available since Veteran’s Day, One of the hottest items, Hatchables, are already hard to get. Some parents are buying these toys on ebay for four times their retail price and beyond. It looked to me that the most popular toys flying off the shelves this holiday season were either technology-based or had a movie tie-in. Remember the superhero movies last year? All the toys released for the holiday were based on the movie in theaters. Retailers were counting on this and the predictions made by execs and children earlier in the summer.

My prediction is that the Nintendo NES and the new Xbox One and Xbox One S will be hits this Christmas in addition to those toys predicted to be sold faster. Fans of Nintendo are going to have to wait until the universal theme park opens as it is still in the planning stage. It remained to be seen what toys became popular this year.






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Two must-have trials in gaming this holiday

A lot of exciting things were going on in the development of electronic gaming. That’s why they were so popular as gifts around the holiday season My grand nephews always had to have the latest games on their consoles. Last year, they got the latest upgrade, which was good, but the bad news was that they weren’t allowed to play with them because they were restricted because they got in trouble. Hopefully, they weren’t restricted this year. Their great aunt would hate for them to miss these gaming perks.

XBOX One Free Play Weekend Offer. Here was another great reason why games were so popular. Once in a while, a free play weekend came up. This offer ran from December 10-14. 2015, starting on Thursday at 3 am and lasting till Monday the same time. In order to participate, players had to register here to take advantage and be sure to have an active ESO account, because there was more. Each active ESO account was entered in the $1million prize drawing $50,000 over 20 years. Persons who purchased the game during this free play got their level carried over.

The Neo Geo Sample via a Bundle Purchase While users of this company’s games didn’t get the Xbox One offer, depending on what bundles they purchased, they got their choice of 19 demos to play and preview on their PC. This included King of Fighters 2000 and Fatal Fury Special. Here was the sugar, they could be played on any level and length of time they wanted during their trial. Keep in mind that this demo required the purchase of a bundle first.

Final Fantasy VII Releases The beauty of this game was in the upgrades. It was projected to be released in stages and very popular, according to this statement:

It means instead of concluding in one entry, multiple entries are being considered in development. Each entry will have its own unique story. As a gaming experience, each entry will have the volume of content equal to a full-sized game.

This could also mean that the production in this series was far from finished. The gaming franchise was so big that it couldn’t be released as a part of the game but continuously. That meant that each release had its own single experience. On PS4, gamers were able to use their consoles to add to their personal experiences. These enhancements did two things: 1) It sped up game time and 2) Eliminated surprises by allowing the player to turn them off at will.

Street Fighter V Web series For those who couldn’t get enough of Street Fighter, it was slated to become a web series in March 2016. Fans could’ve attributed this to its immense popularity as a video game. Watching this web series was made easier for those who had Smart Tvs, laptops, desktops, smart phones, or tablets. Unfortunately, those with an Xbox or Wii wouldn’t get to enjoy the streaming services because it was a product of PlayStation 4 and the property of Sony. The beauty was that this was always to be a PS4 game in spite of its future re-release to the public

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.