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Nintendo replaces Classic NES mini with SNES mini

Nintendo is at it again. Sometme this year, the SNES mini will be released, according to a blurb on Facebook. Apparently, the NES was a smash hit last year, so here comes the mini version. If it works, go for it! The company is hoping to release this game in time for the holidays.

This blogger isn’t into video games of this sort. Some of those advertised are just too violent or complicated for me. My father had to teach me how to master Tetris on the Classic Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo 64 Console. That really dates me! At least I got that far. I never mastered Pong or Space Invaders. My brother’s friends teased me mercilessly because of my low scores.

According to the previously cited article above, the creators of the Nintendo NES mini did not expect it to become a staple in the marketplace. Fortunately, it went viral like a YouTube video or broke out like a movie at the box office that became a sleeper hit. Store stock sold out quickly. The weird thing is that critics didn’t pan the Classic NES mini like they would a bad movie. Remember Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice? This became a box office smash in spite of being ignored by the critics. One can still find the Nintendo NES Mini on ebay or on a resale site.

Nintendo’s push to discontinue the classic NES mini is seen as strange in some ways and top drawer in others. One main reason why it is being disconttinued, it’s a novelty item, not a gaming system. Maybe not as odd as the two-headed Jefferson quarter, but not seen as an item kept on store shelves. When something is released for a limited time, its run is due to end. Let’s face it, old games have their place. Other then myself, who plays outdated games anyway? Many of us still have the vinyl records stored in a box somewhere. Maybe it will return just like the McRib does every so often. This gaming system came out in the 80s and the other came out in the early 90s. It might be revamped under a new name.

The good news is that the Nintendo SNES mini is poised to replace the classic NES mini around Christmas time. It has the better software line-up and a larger catalogue of top games. Even better news, the mini SNES will have a mini plug to play all those classic NES mini games, so don’t toss them out just yet.



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