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Meals on Wheels a ‘necessary’ program for nation’s seniors

As a disabled person, I am scared. I know a lot of senior folks receiving Meals on Wheels. Thankfully, I can cook for myself. The question is what will the recipients do if this program is cut? The article said that it cost more to place a senior in a nursing home just because they couldn’t cook for themselves. I don’t see much savings in that.

How these cuts affect me….

I have to get housing assistance because the rent at my current location got too expensive. With no job and mounting expenses, sacrifices have to be made.  I have to move in August and still don’t have my voucher. When I renewed my application, the lady informed me that they had not gotten their funding. Thanks to Trump’s budget cuts, this might not be till January 2018.

While some places offer rent based on income, It is better on Section 8. Trump’s realization has not caught up to how these cuts affect people. Meals on Wheels is one of the necessary programs, nor wasteful.

I also found out that the local medical bus that took me to my doctor’s appointments last year will cease operation May 31. This was another one of those programs that Trump thought ‘wasteful’. It will probably go to an ‘as needed’ basis. I pray that this requirement can be met by me.

Meals on Wheels got 35 percent of its funding through state subsidies. It was not on the budget cut list.

I am not on Medicaid, but I heard Mac Thornberry’s Town Hall meeting on The American Health Care Act, which was supposed to replace Obama Care and didn’t because it failed. I probably won’t get the written letter I was promised either. I am still waiting. There were a lot of questions about Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Veterans benefits. Obama Care took a big chunk of Medicare funds to run their program. When they refused to expand the Medicaid funding with this program, it hurt a lot of people. My Medicare premium went from $63.20 to $79.80 a month.

Trump’s realization is that he sees the need for the programs about to undergo severe
budget cuts. However, it did not mean that he is to protect the recipients of Meals on Wheels or
the other programs. Meals on Wheels got 35% of its funding from the government. It might get
hit indirectly though. The Trump administration planned to slash 18% of the Health and Human
Services for his defense spending.

Now, this man wants to use funds from the money El Chapo stole to fund the wall separating the U.S. and Mexico. Someone told me he should be paying from his own pocket. He sure has a lot of nerve. That i’ll give him.

At least with Hillary Clinton in charge, things would be different. She would have left the situation with North Korea alone. She would have let Putin disgrace himself instead of the current ‘cold war’ stance that exists now.

India is upset because the travel ban kept them from getting visas to work on America’s tech line. China, Russia, and North Korea are allies. Trump’s realization is that all three have ruffled feathers because of him, but he doesn’t care. He still has diplomacy issues.

What a difference 100 days makes.


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