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Ignore Vladimir Zhirinovsky rant #VoteYourConscience

Since Russia sees Vladimir Zhirinovsky as  a flamboyant veteran lawmaker known for his fiery rhetoric, told Reuters in an interview that Trump was the only person able to de-escalate dangerous tensions between Moscow and Washington. He also likens himself to the outspoken Republican presidential candidate. Yeah, right! The United States didn’t deal with war threats from people that are off center, putting it mildly.

Did anyone really think this nut is able to raise an army and march against America if Donald Trump is elected next month? World War III was apt to start because of Donald Trump’s wish to bomb the ‘heck’ out of ISIS.With his inexperience at running a country, my thought is that he would be the first to use weapons of mass destruction Approval for all this had to be sanctioned by Congress first, just like it would be if Hilary Clinton became president. They would both be thoroughly watched, just like Obama is now.

Let’s look at why there are tensions between the U.S. and Russia, shall we? On October 3, the State Department cut ties with their ally because of their presence in the Syrian city, Aleppo. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Russia has continually ignored its own responsibilities in the region, particularly humanitarian law. Remember Putin’s dangerous game and how bad the economy in his country is? It’s important for him to keep the trade routes open in the Ukraine and establish a presence in Syria to control the oil and gas revenues.

Vladiimir Zhirinovsky mirrors Trump with his belligerent attitude towards southern Russia, which has Muslims there. He wanted to use a barbed wired fence to block them out. Trump wanted a wall built to keep out illegal aliens coming from Mexico and ban Muslims from coming to America. Don’t forget that his mission is to shock the public with his speeches.While some saw it as a way to gain attention, He follows Kremlin rules.  Everyone wanted at least five minutes of fame. He got his.

It bothers the current administration that Putin, while in his pledge to fight ISIS, he did things in support of the Assad regime. At every turn, Putin has instigated the problem in both Syria and the Ukraine. By sending weapons to Syria, ISIS somehow gets hold of them through its connections in Iran.  This in turn ruffles the feathers of the U.S. In their quest to limit the nuclear deal in the house and Senate. Returning to the old way of doing things was not feasible. Yet Putin wants to replace the U.S. in the Middle East as the dominant superpower.

Clinton has accused Trump of being too cozy with Putin and questioned his business interests in Russia. His last campaign manager, Paul Manaford, actually had ties to the Russian president. To me, this sounded like a conflict of interest, now that Trump is a presidential candidate. I don’t blame the State Department for cutting ties with Russia. They want to take the part of the Ukraine that supported the EU as well as other states for themselves. That was far from the Alliance we had in World War 1.

It didn’t look lile anyone was paying attention to the outspoken Zhirinovsky, but just in case, everyone should #VoteYourConscience on November 8 and ignore this war threat.

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Trump’s audio sex tape controversy: GOP’s next steps

Well, there is no mistake this time, Trump’s audio sex tape controversy confirmed the stance of Donald Trump on women In spite of his public apology  over the sex tape and the Vice Presidential Debate won last week, most Republican supporters are withdrawing their support of Donald Trump, except for Jon Voight and a few church pastors.  Mike Pence is keeping his distance from it all. Of course, the media crawled all over this vulgar language on Trump’s audio sex tape, recorded in 2005. A lot of Republicans ask that he withdraw, others were standing firmly behind him.

This blogger thinks that the church and its pastors should keep out of politics. Remember the Separation of Church and State or the high-wall theory? It’s in the constitution, for Pete’s sake! I am ashamed of Pastor Jefferess who has a past of his own locally. I wonder if they know the ‘stink’ he raised over Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate when he tried getting the local public library to remove the books from its shelves? They are now behind the counter and checked out on demand. Most of the local churches didn’t rally around him as he thought they would. Most of them wouldn’t comment. All that trouble to stir the pot and he never returned the books. Someone told me that he left a local church in the Dallas area because of the lure of more money. If this was a church or a school library, what’s allowed and not can be made there. No pastor should tell a public library through any city council action what books went on their shelves.

I don’t see how Pastor Robert Jefress can support Donald Trump’s candidacy because of his past. His skeletons are bursting out of the closet. The only ‘American’ woman he married was Marla Maples. All the rest were European. One of them admitted to feeling ‘violated‘ during sex. Sounds criminal to me, Ivana. Yet he admitted to not having a problem ‘banging‘ 24 year olds. Did Jeffress even listen to the tape made in 2005? His language trashy enough and undoubtedly came from the gutter.Even President Obama found the language on the tape ‘unnerving‘ This blogger agreed that real men didn’t engage in lewd talk about women and record it. Trump did not represent the ‘highest moral fiber’ he tried to project in the Republican party.

He did not support or respect women who held higher job positions, specifically Megyn Kelly and the disabled reporter. He disrespected Lester Holt during the first debate. There is fall out because of what he said to Hilary Clinton being in jail over the scandal during her time as Secretary of State. Now, the bigger problems are the next action the Republican party takes regarding the Trump sex tapes and what punishment the media faces for trying to rig the polls to help Hilary Clintom? The article is almost a month old. The numbers don’t lie with the other polls, which were unscientific. It’s worse for Billy Bush, remains suspended from the Today Show for his part in the above Trump scandal. Apparently, Vuture reported today that the co host, formerly of Inside Edition, is not to return to the morning show.

My points are that there are problems with both candidates. Neither should petition for sainthood just yet. Hilary did not file for divorce after Jennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinski. There weren’t ay audio tapes with him discussing women in graphic detail, like Trump has. It did say that Marla Maples carried on a six year affair with Donald Trump before he married her. This marriage lasted six years and produced a daughter, named Tiffany.

Let’s hope that the GOP next steps are well thought out.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

How will Trump’s tax plan affect the nation?

The media needed to ease up on Hilary Clinton’s pneumonia and other ‘supposed illnesses‘. Donald Trump is almost as old as the late Ronald Reagan when he was first elected back in 1980. President Bush actually threw up in the Japanese Prime Minister’s lap. Let’s move on to the real issues. The trick here is whether he can survive the oncoming debate next week. The polls have both cadidates even. Depending on how they respond in the debate September 26, determines who pulls ahead. Who had the better tax plan? What were their plans to improve the economy and stabilize jobs?

Lets face it, Donald Trump has backtracked on a lot of things he said on the campaign trail. Remember the visit to Mexico this month? Social media said his visit was over the top, meaning positive. Others showed protesters during that time. Frankly, this blogger didn’t blame them for holding on to the offense earlier in the campaign. He still wants to build that wall.

Here is what the pontiff said:

“A person who only thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” the Buenos Aires-born pontiff said when asked about Trump’s now infamous promises to erect a wall aimed at keeping Mexicans out of the U.S.

Here is Trump’s reaction:

For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful. I am proud to be a Christian and as President I will not allow Christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened, unlike what is happening now, with our current President. No leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith. They are using the Pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves for doing so, especially when so many lives are involved and when illegal immigration is so rampant.

There were a lot of Christians that do unchristian things, Donald Trump. GET A CLUE! It’s the attitude against foreigners that he doesn’t like.

Trump should listen to Sadiq Khan:

I think to suggest somehow that Muslims aren’t welcome in the U.S.A., to suggest somehow that being a Muslim isn’t compatible with being western, unintentionally plays into the hands of daesh or so-called ISIS,” Khan said.

Trump has offered an evolving stance on Muslim immigration into th United States since his original December 2015 call for a ban on Muslims entering the country.

So far, his tax plan might be too much. The media said that it is cheaper, but more expensive. While every tax bracket got a break, the largest portion went to the top earners. There are snags in his theory, though, His plan works off a stable economy, and constant job growth, something that hasn’t existed since 2008.

The United States rode on the backs of the middle class for years. One article claimed they are to suffer a lot more under this tax plan. The conflict is the definition of ‘pass through’ income that might affect smaller organizations like LLCs and not the big ones like Google. Trump’s plan left out which level of taxes middle class paid, the top 33% or the bottom 15% flat rate. Moreover, what effects his tax plan had on the rest of the economy.

Here’s even more pain for the middle class:

Those in the middle three-fifths of the income scale would have seen their incomes boosted by 2.2 percent, 6 percent, and 7.3 percent under his original proposal; those increases have been sharply reduced to 0.8, 1.3, and 1.9 percent.

While Clinton’s tax plan offered no cuts to the top earners, they didn’t see too much of an increase either. The good thing is that lower taxes improved the economy. Trump’s tax plan increases the national deficit to 39.2%, making it more expensive over 10 years. Clinton’s tax plan reduced the deficit by 11.2%.

My concern is whether those on Social Security were getting a cost of living increase. Probably not, even though someone from my church said to expect $200. This blogger will believe it when she sees it. Most of the time, the increase is 3% across the board, since Obama took office, this was the second time in eight years there was no increase. When there is, it is usually 1.3% to 1.7%. No one is to know until the fall. Right now, it looks as dismal as last time, in 2012. As projected, it was still under 2%

Only time will tell what the nation decided in November.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Lying is the ‘in’ thing

Lying seems to be the in thing now. If politicians haven’t done it, well-known Olympic athletes are doing it. When will this lying stop? Being human myself, I’ve fallen victim to this action as a child. I am by no means perfect.

In regards to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, they aren’t sinless either. It’s the experience factor that this blogger counts when making the decision of whom to vote for in just over two months. With Clinton, the fault here was the media’s failure to move on once mistakes are made. I mean, they never let up on her. It is always something brought from the past to slug her with. If the authorities aren’t going to indict her for any of the scandals uncovered by the media, then let it go.

With Donald Trump, the media uncovers his abrupt abrasive attitude every time he opened his mouth and did nothing to reprimand him for it. It is almost like the media tried to ignore his lack of poise and diplomacy when dealing with the public. They even thought it was cute. His attempt at an apology might be too little too late now that his slip in the polls are increasing. The fact that the second campaign manager had to resign due to not paying his property taxes.

As for the men on the U.S. Swim Team lying about being robbed, they should face charges because of making a false arrest, not just ‘in theory’ either. While safety during the Olympics is a major concern for all participating nations, a lot of time, manpower and money are wasted on the perverbial goose chase they sent the media on. They could’ve used all that to stop real crime, not that lying isn’t a crime. If the story didn’t change so much as to the five W’s and an H as to the actual event, it wouldn’t be exposed as a lie. Evidence is key here too. It didn’t add up. Apologizing to the public is good, but the stain of the lie remained as a digital footprint. Sports companies didn’t endorse liars.

My Writing Site was shut down last week because after changing the way it was billed, PayPal still took the monthly hosting fee out of that account instead of automatically charging the card it moved to in June. They thought the charge on the card was fraudulent, which it was not. Because of that error, I had to verify my ownership of the site to reactivate the hosting account by taking a picture of my state ID and a picture of the last four digits of the card used in the orignal transaction, along with my name and expiration date on that card.

The chargeback fee of $25 is painful, but it is better than starting over. I did get an upgrade for the same monthly fee, even though I had to alert the hosting company of an inactive card they used. This blogger did not know that calling the hosting company would’ve prevented the shutdown. Navigating the automated line was hard enough. It took a lot of e-mails to get it right. Committing fraud is like lying but I had proof my charge was not made with that in mind.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Trump ignores backlash over Khizr Khan speeches

As usual, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the news again. This time, for his comments against the parents of fallen Muslim U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan. When will Trump listen? Everyone else on both sides of the issue think Donald Trump went too far with his attacks against this fallen hero. Khizr Khan was right the first time, “You have sacrificed nothing!”

Trump foot in mouth

One of the many reasons why this blogger does ot like Donald Trump is because of his fear campaign against Muslims and other minority groups especially women. I don’t care for the attitude about the military, especially veterans. My father, brother, and other family members served in the Armed Forces, which I am thankful for. Donald Trump is unfit for military service and shouldn’t be leading our country. What really got my back up was his tweet, “Hillary voted for the Iraq war, not me!” And yet he didn’t want to become a part of the debt in Puerto Rico. He is already part of a problem much bigger than that.

When he spoke against the family of Khizr Khan,particularly his wife, it started a domino effect in the media. A lot of my friends, usually Republicans, had to agree that Trump had ‘hoof in mouth’ disease. His toes went in first every time his mouth opened in front of a camera and a microphone. He does it to himself. The problem is he takes the entire Republican party with him. Mitt Romney did the same thing in 2012.

If this is how he handles things the echo “God help us” won’t be the only thing uttered from Capitol Hill. I mean, the live Town Hall Meeting video was all about him. In reading some of the comments, it made me wonder why the Dump Trump campaign failed. No one in their right mind would elect this ‘candidate for change’ His distaste for Muslims had me worried. He didn’t seem to hear anything except the sound of his own voice. He is arrogant. All his wrong doing gets swept under the rug while Hillary Clinton gets bashed for her mistakes—at least she recognizes there are problems. It will take more than one to fix it all.

What will it take to reprimand Donald Trump for his public behavior? He did have a dark soul. As for the uproar over his latest speech, Khizr Khan would get a handshake and a hug from me too.


Father Of Muslim American War Hero To Trump: ‘You Have Sacrificed Nothing’ You have to see this video

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#CanYouHearUsNow: Hashtag Surfaces in Response to Donald Trump’s Comments About Ghazala Khan The Council on American-Islamic Relations asked women to use the hashtag after Trump suggested that Ghazala Khan, mother of a slain Muslim-American soldier, wasn’t “allowed” to speak at the DNC

Brown Berets: 2 Female Members Get Photographed Standing With Nation of Islam Members at Protest Published on July 11, the photo that circulated on social media shows two Latina Brown Berets standing next to Black Nation Of Islam members during a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

DNC speakers pull together speeches amid controversy

After a rough start, the DNC pulled it all together with a speech given by Barack Obama and Joe Biden Wednesday Evening. Yes, booing still occurs, but not as much Wednesday night as Monday. Once again, the speeches and the speakers took center stage. But not without controversy plagiarism again.

Obama knows Trump is stupid, even as a teenager, he saw it. While the media portrays him as indecisive in foreign policy, the push remains for the powers that be, to act in the people’s best interests. The United States wrestles with issues like income inequality and police violence. Also, the nation remains as divided as ever on gun control. Trump admits to carrying a gun in his ad against Hillary Clinton.

Obama allowed immigrants into the U.S by executive action, to allow students in the U.S. to receive work permits and relief from deportation. Most of the people in my apartment complex are foreign students who work while they study in college. Trump, according to Hillary Clinton, wants America to fear the future, fear our leaders, and fear each other. As far as Trump knowing more about ISIS then the generals do, how is he able to get clearance? Most of those documents are classified at the Petagon. Instead of stoking the flames of hate, and building a wall to keep Mexicans out, use that knowledge to vet those coming in from known terrorist countries to avoid acts of terrorism in the U.S.?  He doesn’t ‘get it‘.

Joe Biden has perfect form when he stirs the crowd with the line,” America is pretty damn great already!” Let’s face it, everyone knows how dangerous Donald Trump is as president of America. Just read his back pedaling on the comment he makes today about Russia and their alleged hacking of the DNC. He creates his own controversy every time his mouth opens. The digital footprint still exists. The only difference is he lies about what he says and the media proves it.

Biden and my mother are correct. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about running a country.  He is a business man used to getting his own way. As a blogger, Trump’s lack of platform going into the home stretch, scared me. Mitt Romney lost. Trump cannot fix everything. As president, he answers to the people, like Congress and the Senate.

According to a  Donald Trump, Jr, tweet, Barack Obama stole a line from his #RNC speech last week. He is wondering what happened to the uproar? Here’s the ironic thing, though, The phrase, “The America I know” is used by Obama in 2010 and by George W. Bush after 9/11. Melania Trump’s speech has more references to Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech. The Huffington Post proved it by putting the sentences in bold. The uproar as this blogger sees it, is allowing  Meredith Melver to keep her job after embarrassing the Trump campaign after admitting that she hasn’t seen the Melania Trump’s speech. Not only should Doald Trump mind his words about Russia hacking DNC emails, he should keep tabs on his speech writers and his wife.

Trump 2016

The things that bother me the most about this ‘candidate for change’ are:

  1. Trump is a bully with no tact or diplomacy
  2. He takes no stand on any issue except immigration and guns, but claims to be able to ‘fix everything‘ by himself if elected president.
  3. He disses the disabled Note Eva Longoria’s speech Tuesday night.

As for Hillary Clinton, who has been around for 40 years, there is good in this:

  1.  Her husband, a former president, can instruct her as to proper behavior on and off camera. She hasn’t made the mistakes Trump has.
  2.  Having been a First Lady and former Secretary of State, she has the diplomacy that is lacking in Trump’s demeanor.
  3. Her stand on gun control never waivers.

As for the plagiarism controversy, that was done last night when an article from NBC proved how trite that phrase is.  Cool it, Donald Trump, Jr.!

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Donald Trump wasn’t letting immigration into America without a Visa

A few years ago, staying in a foreign country was hard enough. So bad, in fact, that people had to draw lots in 2013. Some Americans and foreigners alike were concerned about their immigration status that if their number didn’t come up, they would have to return home with no Visa. Now, it was to become even harder as the election looms  and the possibility of changes in political party. The loopholes getting into America were to get harder for immigrants and their immigration.

If Donald Trump were elected president, he wouldn’t let  anyone into the country without a Visa. He did say that if the first mayor of London were a foreigner, he would make an exception, because he is a Muslim. As usual Donald Trump was missing two-thirds of the puzzle box because Sadiq Khan thought the Republican front runner ‘didn’t know anything’ about Islam.

In all fairness, my knowledge of Islam is limited also. Most of what was known by me was taken from the news. Everyone knew how biased that was anyway. My Uncle had a copy of the Koran and claimed to know what it said.

It didn’t look like he knew anything about foreign policy either, judging by what he said about Puerto Rico and their financial crises last week. So Sadiq Khan was right.  It’s a wonder the Google search for immigration was up nearly 66% in the last few days. Last week, there was a surge in the Google search on Isis in Iraq.

There was good news though, most of the radicalism of Isis that has taken place in the United States has leveled off or fallen from 10 to one a month, according to CBN News today. That didn’t mean that the powers that be weren’t tracking 800 people with ties to terrorist activities. It also didn’t mean that we weren’t to stop watching the trend either. This was where they should keep smart phone data.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Paul Ryan lead list of Republicans not backing Trump

There might be a contested Republican  convention yet. Paul Ryan, House Speaker, (R-Wis)  was one of a growing list of party members announcing that they will not endorse Donald Trump. They will meet to have a discussion sometime in the future, but  what day has not been determined. The list of topics was undefined too.

In KFDX Noon News this afternoon, said that Ryan wasn’t ‘there’ yet. No one knew what that meant. The same thing was repeated on the five o’clock broadcast. Was Donald Trump able to  smooth things over enough to gain Ryan’s support? Right now, it’s hard to tell, because everything he said had an adverse effect on the party itself. Every time Donald Trump opened his mouth, someone got offended by his words. Let’s hope for his sake he can reel in this big fish sniffing around the hook.

Gee, let’s do a Dr. Phil: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  In the past, he had offended Immigrants, Latinos, Hispanics, women, and the military.  After all that, he had a picture taken of himself eating a taco bowl with the caption, I love Hispanics. If the Donald became a master negotiator, this would rally the fractured party so they all have one common goal in getting the nominee elected.  That was Paul Ryan’s goal too.

Last month, The 700 Club said that more  than 30% of those identifying with the Republican Party said they wouldn’t vote on Super Tuesday this fall. My vote for the other party nominee would be by default. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders weren’t  top drawer either. NBC Nightly News  said that the GOP  was trying a massive takeover to stop Trump from winning the nomination. John Kasich and Ted Cruz have suspended their campaigns for president as of the last GOP Primary vote a week ago. Their efforts failed.

The strangest thing about the upcoming convention was that just about all of the prior candidates that have stopped campaigning will not be at the convention. If the Ryan Trump talks failed next week, Republican Party unification looked to be a long shot.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.
Major computer tech companies were hit

Republicans tired of Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s speech during the President’s address last Sunday night bought a lot of media backlash, worse that the critics that voiced their opinion on CNN Tuesday night:

  1. The Huffington Post was no longer covering him in Entertainment because his antics were causing the opposite effect.
  2. The U.K was circulating a petition to ban him from visiting
  3. American Muslims were calling his speech ‘Facist‘ hate speech
  4. Fox Commentators suspend Donald Trump over his tweets during Obama’s Speech
  5. Republicans denounce Trump’s Speech

The backlash isn’t uncommon because he had offended other ethnic groups. Remember these?

  1. Hispanics Univision wanted the $500 Million Lawsuit dismissed
  2. Latinos still didn’t care for his attitude about Hispanics being drug dealers and thugs
  3. The Military Montel Williams angry video rebuke of Donald Trump still rang in my ears
  4. Paul Ryan said that Donald Trump disqualified himself as president because of his stance on Muslims.
  5. Michael Nutter, Philadelphia’s mayor, wanted to ban Donald Trump from the city.

The Republican party as well as the commentators on CNN live said his rough handling of Muslim’s trying to get into the country wasn’t what was needed at the moment. Some were going as far as saying that his hard extremist attitude might cost them the White House. Most of the Republican Party was the major obstacle for passing stricter gun control laws. In fact, the opposite had occurred.

His statement on CNN Live was correct though. Those people on the no fly list should be banned from purchasing guns. The National Rifle Association was a powerful lobbyist in Washington, which made it difficult to pass these laws because backers thought it would hamper their rights under the Second Amendment. There was nothing wrong with trying to keep firearms out of the hands of radical Islamists or mental patients that were set off by current events. The wait time should be extended to at least 90.

Something had to be done because just ‘debating’ about the nation’s security wasn’t working. Criticizing the president didn’t work either. With the California shooting last week and the Planned Parenthood shooting prior as well as the college shooting in Oregon, it was time to act rationally. There was none of that with Donald Trump. Both the media and those on the CNN panel were tired of Donald Trump and his stupidity.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Tuesday’s GOP debate: The top eight

What will this Tuesday’s GOP debate reveal? Ben Carson was in the lead mainly because he was brushing off all the sniping attacks from his competitors like Donald Trump, who recently hosted Saturday Night Live.  Americans like the way  he has responded to some of the ‘below the belt’ remarks.

The biggest news was who had the best answers when it came to things like creating jobs, reducing the national deficit, and solving the immigration problem.  Donald Trump alienated a lot of  people trying to sound firm. His hosting of the above show only bought high ratings, but not much of anything else.  People were growing weary of his popularity. It often came with a huge price. He began slipping in the polls more than two weeks ago.

Remember, he alienated the Hispanic, Latino and military veterans? The Montel Williams’ video tirade was still ringing in my ears.

The top eight in tomorrow’s debate were expected to be in top form, no low blows allowed.

There were a few plans on how to handle some major problems, but nothing was set in stone yet. One major topic that was not highlighted in the first debate was tax reform. That was under the umbrella of the economy.

Here were the jumble of ideas from the last debate

Jeb Bush’s plan to lower the top personal rate from 39.6 percent to 28 percent Marco Rubio weighs in at 35 percent, while eliminating estate and capital-gains taxes); Ben Carson’s 10 percent flat tax Rand Paul has it at 14.5 percent; Ted Cruz wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service; Trump (no Jolly Old Saint Nick, he) as the “Santa Claus” of the bunch.

What to watch for Tuesday night’s Republican debate

Jeb Bush must keep his wits about him because he has already faultered a lot in the last three debates. He had to show a strong offense to stay in the presidential race.

Donald Trump remained a puzzle because no one knew which of his personalities were to show. Was he to  continue hounding Ben Carson or play nice in the sandbox?

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.