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Side Hustles: More about views and reach then popular posts and page likes

Side hustles aren’t just for Millennials, in spite of the great coverage from the media lately. My side hustle started by accident. While trying to find my first job outside of Work Services, making cards was a great way to relax. Everything was done by hand until my learning how to scan them on computer made it a lot easier. My subscription to Card Maker Magazine served me well. Even though my family advised me not to start another facebook webpage, a few of my friends have paid for cards.

After 20+ years in the military, my father loved photography so much that he invested in professional camera equipment and a subscription to Photography Magazine but he never pursued it as a side hustle. My brother still has time to turn his computer hobby into a side hustle. Thanks to him, my knowledge of computers and the internet took off. His magazine of choice is PCWorld.

Both of the people that helped me set up Yoboogle, had side hustles. One was a body builder. The other sold a brand while he was working for the former company sponsor. That being said, this writer almost got terminated for taking on side jobs to earn extra money. It shouldn’t interfere with the regular job Now it’s important because of the large credit card debt.

Not only was a side hustle a great way to earn money in addition to earning from a regular job, it gave one a way to release the creative juices they had pent up inside sometime with little or no investment. There might be mounting credit card debt or unpaid student loans. In my case, it’s the former. The company that set up Yoboogle, is all but inert in that the only way to contact them is through an email address because the online number won’t take incoming calls. Efforts to sell this website in 2015 fell through, leaving me with the bills early last year. Right now, my job finding a brand that sells is paramount. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing. As long as its free, this blogger would use it. With no marketing budget, it got difficult to boost posts or get viewers, readers or buyers for my products.

My side hustle was My Writing Site, mainly because Yoboogle had data problems and was often unreachable. Writing about trending web topics in any genre remained important in spite of that factor. Live video of trending topics or a trending social media post was always helpful. The quicker breaking news was posted with live video, the better the hits. Often times, this blogger didn’t have to comment because the amount of hits to the post spoke volumes, especially the turmoil surrounding the trouble in Zimbabwe concerning the impeachment of Mugbe and the installation of Managagwa.  

Side hustles are not about likes it’s about views and reach. My readership has tripled in the last few days due to the live videos and posts added.





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