DNC speakers pull together speeches amid controversy

After a rough start, the DNC pulled it all together with a speech given by Barack Obama and Joe Biden Wednesday Evening. Yes, booing still occurs, but not as much Wednesday night as Monday. Once again, the speeches and the speakers took center stage. But not without controversy plagiarism again.

Obama knows Trump is stupid, even as a teenager, he saw it. While the media portrays him as indecisive in foreign policy, the push remains for the powers that be, to act in the people’s best interests. The United States wrestles with issues like income inequality and police violence. Also, the nation remains as divided as ever on gun control. Trump admits to carrying a gun in his ad against Hillary Clinton.

Obama allowed immigrants into the U.S by executive action, to allow students in the U.S. to receive work permits and relief from deportation. Most of the people in my apartment complex are foreign students who work while they study in college. Trump, according to Hillary Clinton, wants America to fear the future, fear our leaders, and fear each other. As far as Trump knowing more about ISIS then the generals do, how is he able to get clearance? Most of those documents are classified at the Petagon. Instead of stoking the flames of hate, and building a wall to keep Mexicans out, use that knowledge to vet those coming in from known terrorist countries to avoid acts of terrorism in the U.S.?  He doesn’t ‘get it‘.

Joe Biden has perfect form when he stirs the crowd with the line,” America is pretty damn great already!” Let’s face it, everyone knows how dangerous Donald Trump is as president of America. Just read his back pedaling on the comment he makes today about Russia and their alleged hacking of the DNC. He creates his own controversy every time his mouth opens. The digital footprint still exists. The only difference is he lies about what he says and the media proves it.

Biden and my mother are correct. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about running a country.  He is a business man used to getting his own way. As a blogger, Trump’s lack of platform going into the home stretch, scared me. Mitt Romney lost. Trump cannot fix everything. As president, he answers to the people, like Congress and the Senate.

According to a  Donald Trump, Jr, tweet, Barack Obama stole a line from his #RNC speech last week. He is wondering what happened to the uproar? Here’s the ironic thing, though, The phrase, “The America I know” is used by Obama in 2010 and by George W. Bush after 9/11. Melania Trump’s speech has more references to Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech. The Huffington Post proved it by putting the sentences in bold. The uproar as this blogger sees it, is allowing  Meredith Melver to keep her job after embarrassing the Trump campaign after admitting that she hasn’t seen the Melania Trump’s speech. Not only should Doald Trump mind his words about Russia hacking DNC emails, he should keep tabs on his speech writers and his wife.

Trump 2016

The things that bother me the most about this ‘candidate for change’ are:

  1. Trump is a bully with no tact or diplomacy
  2. He takes no stand on any issue except immigration and guns, but claims to be able to ‘fix everything‘ by himself if elected president.
  3. He disses the disabled Note Eva Longoria’s speech Tuesday night.

As for Hillary Clinton, who has been around for 40 years, there is good in this:

  1.  Her husband, a former president, can instruct her as to proper behavior on and off camera. She hasn’t made the mistakes Trump has.
  2.  Having been a First Lady and former Secretary of State, she has the diplomacy that is lacking in Trump’s demeanor.
  3. Her stand on gun control never waivers.

As for the plagiarism controversy, that was done last night when an article from NBC proved how trite that phrase is.  Cool it, Donald Trump, Jr.!

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