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2016: A look back at overrated entertainment and weird fashion

In some ways, SoundCloud’s post on Tumblr is correct. Top of the line can be overrated. Everyone knew that they were talking music must haves. This blogger, however, will go a lot further to include my top 2016: A look back at my top five overrated entertainment or weird fashion.

  1. In technology, its gaming consoles, particularly the Xbox One and the PS4. As of August 3. 2016. According to Quora, it is all about the lead magnet and the tripwire. How many people got caught up in the latest popular war game by watching ads on television and pop ups on their smartphones? Heaven knows, I’ve seen my share on the S5 that someone handed down to me this past summer. Truth be told, the battle between Microsoft and Sony is neverending. Sales between the two for top dog are slow to materialize because of media hype.
  1. In music, this blogger has to disagree with Jaded Bitterman and his Top 10 Most Overhowever, Willans of All Time The Beatles made history in England and the United States. I mean, exactly how can they be listed as overrated? He also listed the Eagles, Eric Clapton and Billy Joel as overrated too. I am not a fan of any of these artists, but they wouldn’t be on my list of overrated musicians. I loved “Yellow Submarine” when they played the song on Sesame Street and used their voices as the Muppets who sang the song. As for the Eagles, someone played ”Hotel California on their smartphone this morning outside underneath my window, and sang to it. Granted, Clapton is more of a blues player than a groundbreaking guitarist. I like “Tears In Heaven,’ though. In spite of the author saying that Billy Joel is overrated, he might be wrong there also. I like “The Piano Man” and “We Didn’t Start the Fire” His songs appealed to the average listener. I mean, the piano player is the nain attraction in a bar other than the bartender.
  1. Deadpool, according to WhatCulture, isn’t cutting edge enough in spite of the money brought in via the box office. Better safe then too violent. Just last week, an article in the Huffington Post said that there is copyright infringement pirating superhero movies on the internet . Ironic that the link can’t be found. Judging by ticket sales, overkill is the least of their worries. Remember Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was panned by critics before hitting the box office and still turned a big profit.There were other films on the list that this blogger never heard of, for instance, The Nice Guys lacked chemistry. WhatCulture said that the two actors picked to play the lead roles just didn’t fit chemically on screen. That may have been how the roles were designed. Talk about the odd couple. This blogger never saw Meryl Streep’s Florence Foster Jenkins either,  but what they said about this movie is right on the mark. Someone said she can sing and she does, in public.

Golden Globe Awards: The winners list

  1. According to Carlos Lozada, The Washington Post, he couldn’t stand, “Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right” (The New Press) by Arlie Russell Hochschild, finding it horribly overrated. The lead character hung onto too much baggage while visiting Louisiana to find out how people feel on the right side of politics. We all know that the press is extremely liberal. Some of those publications are bound and determined to bring down the current president elect—whatever it took. Lozada might be right about this award winning book, but this blogger plans to give Donald Trump a chance.
platform shoes, Dsisy Duke-like shorts, thong underwear

Weird fashion

  1. If one liked loud things, then fashion is where its at. I mean, platform shoes, fringe tops and skirts seemed like a throwback to the disco era of the 1970’s. One wrong turn or trip will break one’s ankle. This blogger wasn’t surprised at the Daisy Duke-like short shorts, except that the behind is covered. We all remember the female cousin from “The Dukes of Hazzard”, Catherine Bach and every other shapely female that wore those red alarm shorts. I am surprised thong underwear, affectionately called ‘butt floss’, hasn’t lost its popularity yet. I had to ban someone on my news site on Tumblr because of his racy content. Females wearing thong panties is all tha was posted. UGH!

Do you agree with this list? Leave a comment in the coment section of the blog to let me know either way.






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Black Friday 2016: Tech and movie tie-ins predicted hits

Black Friday 2016 will be upon us soon, now that the Presidential Election is over. One thing different this year is that there are a whole host of stores that decided that they are remaining closed on Thanksgiving Day.

This blogger believes that Black Friday 2016 actually started long before the target date. The ads for great Christmas buys started after Halloween. If shoppers were smart, shopping should start midsummer. My mother read me the riot act for waiting until Christmas Eve to shop for gifts. Then threaten bodily harm if my shopping done before Thanksgiving. I did my shopping via the internet after that tirade. To be honest, Black Friday 2016 and Christmas Eve were the worst times to do one’s shopping. The stores were a mad house for those rushing to get the best deals in the beginning and buy those forgotten on their list the night before Christmas.

Don’t lose heart, though. There are places that have good deals on some of the hottest selling items this season. While some stores wished to remain closed, the list of those staying open are updated daily.According to one article on AOL, one of the biggest sellers this season is to be the iPod. The Nintendo NES has been available since Veteran’s Day, One of the hottest items, Hatchables, are already hard to get. Some parents are buying these toys on ebay for four times their retail price and beyond. It looked to me that the most popular toys flying off the shelves this holiday season were either technology-based or had a movie tie-in. Remember the superhero movies last year? All the toys released for the holiday were based on the movie in theaters. Retailers were counting on this and the predictions made by execs and children earlier in the summer.

My prediction is that the Nintendo NES and the new Xbox One and Xbox One S will be hits this Christmas in addition to those toys predicted to be sold faster. Fans of Nintendo are going to have to wait until the universal theme park opens as it is still in the planning stage. It remained to be seen what toys became popular this year.






Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2016

Stores Opening on Thanksgiving Day & Store Hours 2016

10 items that will sell out fast this Christmas

Nintendo and Universal Studios announce partnership to bring games, characters to life in new theme park attractions

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Walmart top 25 holiday toys chosen by children, suppliers and trends

Ladies and gentlemen, start your shopping now! Get ready for the trending toys this Christmas. Walmart already had their top 25 holiday favorites listed. The beauty of this is, they didn’t rely Walmart treding holiday toys2016bon the recommendations of parents, but children aged toddler to preteen and toy suppliers also. Another plus, they are supposedly to boost holiday sales.

If the child is interested in a specific toy, it is bound to be on the shelf. The trick, though, was getting there early. Black Friday started earlier every year. So far, a racing playset, a Disney princess carriage, a Sky Viper Steaming drone and a  Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter are very popular among this chosen set

Of course, Star Wars remained among the top sellers also. This is due to last year’s hit movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which bought back a shift in focus to galactic defense. Tmely, since North Korea and Iran have nuclear weapons. I lost count after the first three movies in trilogy came out years ago. I had to wait two years before Star Wars: Return of the Jedi came to cable. It was still good though. Star Wars: Rogue One, due in theaters Dec. 16, is destined to bolster holiday sales also.

Toy suppliers are important too. They are given the difficult task of developing toys that interests children. Thankfully, last year’s, hit Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, made things a lot easier. Remember how it got panned by critics? Well, Walmart counts on the bat cave from this franchise becoming a premier item sold from Mattel. It had strong sales from November to spring 2016.

Shoppers wanting to get a jump on toy shopping might like the Walmart layaway policy, which gives early-bird shoppers more time. There are no fees ad customers are allowed as little as 10%. Before being phased out in 2006 on all products except jewelry, it got re-instated five years later. When my niece’s mother bought her oldest daughter the contraband Easy-Bake Oven, only the oven got placed on layaway, not the cake mixes.

Let’s not forget the ever popular video games and their consoles. Other than, the best place to buy locally is Walmart.. Of Course, the Sony PlayStation Virtual Reality Bundle is a standout, along with standards like cookware and make-up kits. I got my T-Fal ten piece set in 2001 and it is still holding up well.


Source: Walmart names its 25 hottest toys for holidays: Get in line now

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My tribute to Gene Wilder’s comedic legacy In movies

The entertainment world lost another Iconic figure to a devastating disease. Comedian/Actor Gene Wilder died yesterday at his Connecticut home.

Tonight, Gene Wilder gets the same tribute from me, just like the late David Bowie did in January this year. According to USA Today, the cause of death is from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. As a fan of this actor/comedian, my favorite movies were: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Blazing Saddles, Silver Streak, and Young Frankenstein.

While Hollywood mourns his death with a social media tribute, this blogger plans on watching a few of his movies at the house tonight. Even though he did comedic roles, it made me glad  that he did other movies as well. One of the roles he played was a turtle in a live action version of Alice in Wonderland. His character wished to be part of a turtle soup. Of course, his iconic role as a writer riding on the train called Silver Streak is good too. He missed catching the train twice and yells an expletive in the movie twice.

This man was one of the few people able to wear brown shoe polish on this face, masquerading as a black man, to get back on the train and not get roundly criticized by the public for it. Ted Danson went too far when he appeared in part of an award show dressed  in blackface. While it seemed funny to some, everyone in the media saw it as done in bad taste. Anyone using that situation to get a laugh is just plain sick. Chevy Chase just wears a black wig when he is around a lot of black people. That made me laugh because it was subtle.

Gene Wilder did that for me too when he played the brother of Sherlock Homes in The Adventures of Sherlock Homes Smarter Brother. Paired with the late Madeline Kahn, and Marty Feldman, the laughter was non stop.

This blogger will miss Gene Wilder and his ability to make people laugh.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Success: Apps times marketing equal sales

Nothing beats having downloadable apps for a website or blog. The reality being, that this crucial element  secured on-going traffic. Of course, it as easier if these were already mobile friendly, meaning that a site or blog was viewable almost exactly as is on a phone, PC or tablet. What is the goal of marketing? What part did social media play?

The Goal of Marketing  The goal was making viewers of one’s blog want to visit the web site and sign up or buy what one featured. Remember the college economics class about supply and demand? Downloadable ebooks have been always popular, especially when the author can offer some valuable information on how to get something either for free or reduced price for a limited time. Since writing about parallel universes was my favorite, offering the first chapter of my novel, The Long Journey Home, might excite a few readers. It might be better to offer The Eros Chronicles for download too, as a limited release.

The role of Social Media. Social media was a great marketing tool. With the right apps and marketing strategies earning money became easier.One thing my brother taught me is never pay for anything if it was downloaded for free. Even though Facebook purchased WhatsApp a while back, the cost to use the chat service still remained at .99 a year. At least the social media giant was in fourth place behind SnapChat. Here were the Android top five free trending apps for The Google PlayStore:

Messenger (Facebook)

 Slither io



T-Mobile Tuesdays

The nicest thing about the top five grossing apps had a few games recognized through on phone ads and tried by me on my smart phone. With only 2GB of space on my phone, these had to be played on my computer. It is easy to become addicted to ad disgusted with some of them, especially Candy Crush Saga, just like Angry Birds. The music was annoying.

Game of War

Mobile Strike

Clash of Clans

Candy Crush Saga

  Clash Royale

As mentioned before, it is fun and profitable to create a free mobile app of one’s own, if the public liked the product. One of my Facebook pages had a mobile app through Como. Normally, this was free for the first 50 downloads, then one paid for it. AppsGeyser is great, but  troubles existed when downloading and monetizing the app. The beauty being that a contest going on through July 31 sponsored by Amazon for the best app. Creating the app was free and could even be downloaded into the Google PlayStore and the Amazon Apps Store. The winner got $70 and a tablet. Images and names had to be free of copyright infringement. Most of the popular competition was gaming apps.

Apps were a great advertising tool. In order for web traffic to flow, one had to entice readers with some sort of free or reduced price download,  It was easy to see that some of the above games did well in the Google Play Store. This blogger recognized some or them through the ads online. A few were even played by me. 

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Live media attracted more online viewers

This year, the difference in my Facebook Newsfeed hadn’t changed. However, the readership on sites like Yoboogle and My Writing Site have fluctuated in the first quarter. My uncle criticized me for ‘just spitting back’ the news in 500 words or less, except for my disappointment with Time Warner Cable recently, which had 501 words. Today’s post, Media Companies’ Reach Per Facebook Post Plummeting in 2016 (Study), had me thinking long before now that one had to step out of the box in order to gain readership. One news source didn’t do the whole job.

Competing digital and social media outlets Facebook might have been popular with the younger crowd, but it wasn’t the only news outlet Most of my readers were in the 35-54 age range on Yoboogle. A lot of my posted stories came from other digital and social media venues. The updates come from my phone via Facebook notifications, or through one of three e-mail inboxes. Since everyone knew posting trending web topics on the web didn’t end at 5 pm. One had to know the rhythm of the news. For instance, with both of my sites above, had topics posted one to four times a day, sometimes more, but writing two blog posts a day was enough for this blogger.

Google+ was still alive In spite of people who have tried to falsely report its demise in the last two years, Google+ was still holding its own with along with the others. The Google browser hadn’t ceased to operate so the other lived too. Thankfully, the only major ‘tinkering‘ with the digital media was a restructuring so that people posting didn’t need a gmail account to use this service. This was their attempt at trying to rattle Facebook, which didn’t work. My Google blog became archival mainly because the use of WordPress was preferable to me because it was easier to post there before getting my new laptop last year.

Implementation of video The readers on Yoboogle preferred live video from The Huffigton Post, Sports Illustrated, The 700 Club, and Marshable. As a matter of fact, most of the likes and people who actually see the posts went up if there was a link to a video or song. Two people from CBN actually thanked me for sharing their post in the last two days.

The biggest draws were from people that did harm to others like these stories:

In the case of My Writing Site, it was more complicated. Statistics ruled the roost. My holiday fare with the prom dresses and travel were great, but they were only temporary. My best time was Memorial Day Weekend when the top movies were to be released. Video was used here too. My next top hits on June 9 were because of:

The ironic thing was there were two opposing views. My sister ad someone from Bible Study on Wednesday night told me to complain to TWC management to negotiate a lower rate on my bill for their flub this Saturday past. My mother said to forget about the trouble and move on. It looks like the first option was to be pursued. It worked before. ~

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Captain America: Fans react to plot twist in the new storyline

Why would the creators of Captain America, issue #1 have such a twist in the story? Fans of the Marvel character were not happy with this latest plot twist in the released comic book today. It looked to me like they were outraged  based on the hashtag that just came out. The last thing this hero needed was any tie to Hydra and the Nazi’s.

While every story needed a new path, this one went too far. Sometimes, being that far out on a limb can kill a series of any type. Even though Sailor Moon barely lasted five seasons in Japan, it only survived three in the United States. Both backers, Viacom and Dic withdrew their support after not liking the direction the series took. At least the creators of Inuyasha knew to end their cartoon series with the completion of graphic novel #356, but the novels continued until the fight was over with Naraku.

These critics of the Captain America comic were right to be so outraged.

  • It tarnished the symbol that he stood for
  • The line between good and evil were blurred
  • It went against the true nature of his character

As a fan of the man in the red, white and blue, he should pick a side because this was just wrong. Even the Man of Steel had an out when it looked like he played both sides of the fence. Those enemies didn’t realize that, like Batman, Superman had brains. Neither of them went into battle unprepared. Note Batman’s suit in their last movie. Did Captain America have an out when dealing with the Hydra and the Nazis? Let’s hope so, otherwise the colors of his crime fighter’s suit should be changed.

In the last few days, there was a campaign to give Captain America a boyfriend. What were people of today thinking, making every crime fighter gay  because getting married and having babies were risky enough as normal humans? Before modern conveniences like artificial insemination, two men having babies was impossible. It still is without a surrogate female to carry their child. Two men couldn’t produce an egg! This was a new and unexplored avenue also. Something The 700 Club did not like. A lot of others didn’t either.

Before anyone decided to abandon this superhero, they should read the whole story. There were more than two sides to it. There were Nazis and Jews that fought in Hitler’s army just like there were Germans that fought on the side of the Allies. Let’s hope it didn’t hurt his popularity as a crime fighter.


I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Will the new company name mean better cable deals?

While watching television last night, an ad came on announcing that the local cable company, Time Warner Cable, was purchased by Charter Communications and was to be renamed Spectrum. The article found by me on the internet just confirmed it. Let’s hope Charter Communications can save the dignity of the floundering cable company.

Fluctuating Prices  This didn’t really hit me until all the new channels were added and my having to rely on their modem/router combo for internet service. My router died after starting its third life cycle in 2013. If my own combo were purchased, the cost was $20 less. Unfortunately, the cost was too high at the moment. Apparently, there won’t be a fee for a box channels, and modem router rental, which would eliminate the taxes and fees on every charge too.

In looking at my last cable bill, getting rid of the Preferred Package eliminated those channels exclusively on the cable box. This meant programming  like Doctor Who, The Gilmore Girls and Dateline on ID were gone. Even the cable representative said the package used previously was too big for one person. My bill has gone down $20 instead of $12.

Connection and equipment troubles In the last three years, there was trouble with the local cable company over my cable and internet connections. In 2013, they almost cost me my job with the Examiner when they couldn’t get my appointment  time right, even after leaving customer service reps both my numbers. Later that year, someone from the apartment complex stole my cable and internet connection the day of receiving my smart phone. It took the technician all of ten minutes to tell me this and reconnect me. Getting everything to work took another 45 minutes. They also told me not to pursue criminal charges because the student population was gone already. It was a college prank.

In 2015, someone wearing the local cable company t-shirt , complete with the logo, mistook me for some other unknown family.  He still disconnected me after my telling him there was no one here by the name of White. What was worse was that the techs didn’t see a need to reconnect me until the following Tuesday.  It was their fault, so the man on the phone, a supervisor, demanded they send someone that weekend to reconnect my cable and internet.

When the Tech came a few months ago to switch my old box to the new version, he didn’t know how to reconnect my VCR and DVD player and would have left them unhooked if it weren’t for my insistence. The one major reason for his high rating was that his first attempt at reconnecting both of these items actually worked, otherwise it would’ve been below a five.

Cable Company Errors Because of all these incidents, my cable bill saw a reduced rate. Every time there was a problem with my cable and the technicians on the phone messed up, my bill reflected their mistakes. Since improving their services, my bill didn’t see to many yearly reduced rates unless my having to drop part of a package to maintain payment. Spectrum was to give its customers a choice of staying with  their old package or picking another. Yeah, right. My biggest problem was being understood by someone with a thick Indian accent. The $20 credit still had to be re-added because it was overlooked.

In addition to expanding their digital reach in New York, customer service will return to the United States and Internet speed started at a standard 60 Mbps. Right now, this blogger didn’t see any faster speed on their laptop yet. There was a faster speed offered through the current package already. Connection in New York had nothing to do with those living in northwest Texas. It went by zip code at first.  It would be nice not to have a standing yearly contract with unpredictable monthly price tags. If the monthly service fees didn’t include an itemized tax addition, that would be nice also. It surprised me that they didn’t go to a flat rate for all to begin with?

So Long Time Warner Cable: Charter to Retire Maligned Brand By Alex Sherman

Since the article said a change in a package or price wouldn’t be seen immediately, Let’s hope the video making the announcement seen twice stood up to its promises.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Must see Memorial Day movies: Sure to please

These were Memorial Day movies  not to miss. The top three were some of my favorites, even though the first two were seen only in cartoon format in the beginning. According to Variety, the top two movies were to have made a big splash at the box office this weekend. Let’s hope that happens.

X-Men: Apocalypse Theatrical Trailer #3 – Movie Insider

Everything they learned as students were either going to have to be forgotten or used in this major battle coming Memorial Day weekend. As a Marvel fan myself, Apocalypse was the ultimate evil villain bent on destroying humanity, even the X-Men with his type of cleansing. This movie appeared to be one of the “coming of age” movies for Professor X and his school of gifted students. Can he defeat the super villain and his band of followers?  I’m on the edge of my seat.

The boost for this launch in ticket sales was because of the previous week’s global take off of this movie. It was listed on Movie Insider as being a nationwide release. Variety also projected that this Marvel film was forecast to open at $80 million.


Don’t get this movie confused with the classic Disney cartoon or the live action version that starred Michael Crawford as “The White Rabbit”  in 1972. Basically, this blogger enjoyed just about any version of this story, even the updated one done by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp. In spite of everything being strange and unusual, a grown up Allice pulled everything together to make sense of the dream she had. This movie release was supposed to reach more than $60 million this holiday weekend.

Last year, Tomorrowland made a weak showing at the box  at $42.7 million. Disney was hoping to recover with this release and its updates. Let’s hope this occurred.

If the movie theater lines for the above trailers were too long or sold out, three broadcasts of the Roots remake was bound to thrill movie watchers. It fascinated me how they updated this from the 1977 landmark movie. One thing liked by this blogger was that the movie remake was shot in the United States and in Africa, so there was the real feel of a foreign country in the second movie rather than a studio back lot in California.

Starting Monday, this Memorial Day movie was to be shown on The History Channel, A&E Network and Lifetime for four nights. Isn’t it ironic that all three cable networks were intertwined? The A&E Network owned the other two channels. It made me eel good to find out that one of the original actors Lavar Burton, (Young Kunta Kinte, had a hand in the remake.

Roots was remade because:

  1. It was outdated. Mr. Wolper, the younger, said it didn’t have the glue of 31 years ago. Today’s values didn’t match
  2. More knowledge was found as to slave cruelty
  3. There were errors made in the first movie. See the part about Chicken George
  4.  They wanted it to mirror the #BlackLivesMatter movement
  5. Different POV:  from master and family to slave

Memorial Day movies always usher in the official start of summer. If one couldn’t  see a top 10 movie in a theater this weekend, be sure to watch the remake of Roots.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Billboard Music Awards: 2016 web highlights

Stevie Wonder & Madonna perform a tribute to Prince

Apparently, the Billboard Music Awards were so good, that this blogger couldn’t decide which video was to lead, so All of them were used.  The highlight for me was when Stevie Wonder and Madonna performed a tribute to Prince.

Granted, the L.A. Times article asked whether he would have approved? Well, not the way they changed the genre from pop to gospel. It also said it would have ‘disturbed’ him because of the way they mouthed the words to his songs. Both stars had great voices so why did they do this?

Some of the Winners

Here was a small list of winners of the Billboard Music Awards last night:

Top Artist:
Adele — WINNER
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
The Weeknd

Billboard Chart Achievement Award (Fan-Voted):
Rihanna — WINNER
The Weeknd
Little Big Town

Top R&B Song:
Alessia Cara “Here”
Omarion Featuring Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko, “Post To Be”
The Weeknd, “Can’t Feel My Face”
The Weeknd, “Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)”
The Weeknd, “The Hills” — WINNER

Top Billboard 200 Album:
Adele, 25 — WINNER
Justin Bieber, Purpose
Ed Sheeran, x
Taylor Swift, 1989
The Weeknd, Beauty Behind The Madness

Top Male Artist:
Justin Bieber — WINNER
Fetty Wap
Ed Sheeran
The Weeknd

Top Country Song:
Sam Hunt, “Break Up In A Small Town”
Sam Hunt, “Take Your Time”
Little Big Town, “Girl Crush”
Thomas Rhett, “Die A Happy Man” — WINNER
Chris Young, “I’m Comin’ Over”

For the rest of the list, go here

A few BillBoard Music Award Video performances

Stevie Wonder and Madonna honor Prince

Justin Bieber & Company perform ‘Sorry’

Troye Sillvan ‘Youth Performance’

Meghan Trainor “No”

DNCE “Cake by the Ocean”

Pink “Just Like Fire”

Shawn Mendes “Stitches”

The Go Gos ” We Got the Beat”

Instagram rant in bad taste

Of course, Entertainment Tonight had the best, worst and weirdest moments of Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. This was what wasn’t understood by me, because on the same page, Justin Bieber had a lot of negative comments he tiraded about on Instagram. This was what he said after winning for his performance of “Sorry“:

“I don’t know about these award shows,” Bieber admitted in a lengthy Instagram rant on Monday. “No disrespect to anybody at any of the shows or the people running it. Nothing but love for you guys and your support. But I don’t feel good when I’m there nor after.”

If he didn’t want to be there, he could have recorded his performance and the acceptance speech if he won as well as designated someone to speak on his behalf. Even though he made a total fool out of himself later, this was SO rude. It was still somewhat disrespectful to me. Like Barbara Walters comment about Sean Penn, this blogger could also excuse his youth.


I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.