Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dismissed by critics

It looked like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t open to very good reviews last night. Ultimately, though, it will be the audience that decided whether it was worth the ticket price or the time in the theater. Movie critics have already dismissed it.

The bottom line was that the creator of this film was bad at telling stories, according to the article above. The scenes were choppy and had no link to the actual sequence of events. At least in the cartoon version they only collided with each other when they had to chase down a criminal in the other’s territory. Like this movie, way back then, they showed disdain for one another, but the audience never knew why.

Here was a clue found in yesterday’s article, What We Talk About When We Talk About Batman and Superman, it’s all political. They got along thirty years ago, I fact their close relationship bored the comic book readers until a gruesome tussle over ideology in 1986’s graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, a dramatic dust-up due to mind control in the 2003 comic-book story line “Hush,” and, of course, an upcoming gladiator match in this weekend’s big-screen tentpole Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Let’s face it, they were polar opposites, as different as day and night actually. Batman preferred fighting crime undercover of darkness. He brooded over the evil of man against man. Remember his parents were killed in a dark alley by two thugs. He was orphaned by a murder. Superman saw evil in the criminals he fought, but believed in the good of humankind. Even though Krypton was destroyed and he became orphaned, he still had a crystal with the entire history of his planet in his spaceship and a family that adopted him.

If they fought, it would have been over the way something was handled. Neither one was able to marry or have offspring, not with the list of enemies looking for an easy weak link. If the offspring weren’t an easy target, their secret identities were in jeopardy because the wives of these men deserved to know. At least in the movie with Michael Keaton as Batman, he told his date that his life was ‘really complex‘. At least in the second Superman movie, with the late Christopher Reeve, Lois Lane ‘forgot’ Clark Kent’s secret when he kissed her in the Daily Planet break room.

How could Batman hit someone so hard that their head went through the floor? Critics were right to bring this out. It made more sense for his their head going through a plate glass window, but not through the floor. He was the only crime fighter with no super powers. He does have a great mind for detective work. This was where editing came in. If the floor was that weak, Batman would have made a hole in the floor too.

The worst part of this premiere was that one of the cameos, Wonder Woman, was just thrown into the battle with no real back story. Just like the rest of the film. It was a sequence of unrelated events with no clear direction. Of course, with her strength as an Amazon, she was no stranger to battle. Hopefully, her film was better organized than this one. Actually, this blogger was well versed on her story just like the rest.

Here’s hoping the audience found something nice to say about the film in their reviews then the critics have.

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