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Four year-old filmed being thrown off bridge is sickening

People are sick. It appalls me how parents mistreat children sometimes. This is the third time a report like this hit the national news. Now, a couple throws a four-year-old off a bridge in Grays Harbor County, Washington. At least he has a life jacket on, but that isn’t the point. His head might hit the rocks below.

The worst thing about this is, like the #NiaGreen incident last month, someone filmed the action using their cell phone supposedly by accident and posted it to Facebook. With #NiaGreen, the film on Facebook wasn’t accidental because she spoke directly into it, taking over her daughter’s page after removing the video that showed her mother beating her.

The incident at the bridge had at least two people witnessing on the video that they saw the preschooler being thrown from the bridge, screaming and crying. What purpose did the mother and the man she had thrown the boy off the bridge say their reason was? No written explanation exists in the article accompanying the video from a local news station this morning. If this is a joke, no one is laughing. This is a dumb stunt in bad taste.

This is just as bad as the children in Bowie, Texas that were left home alone with no food and in a filthy house while their mother went to her doctor’s appointment. CPS intervened when the eldest, an eight year old explained to the school that he had to stay home to watch his four siblings after they asked about his absence. The three month old, almost didn’t survive. They were that underfed. No state agency got involved with the #NiaGreen video. They should have. It was abuse. The Bowie incident started a round robin effect locally last year in October:

  1. Woman Jailed After Leaving Children at Home Overnight
  2. WFPD: Woman Behind Bars After Leaving Kids at Apartment

With the latest incident, the child is in state custody and the mother was charged with reckless endangerment of a child. A misdemeanor shared by the man in the video among some other lesser crimes. The only good thing about this is the child survived the fall and the mysterious person who filmed this appalling video has sense enough to turn it in to the police.

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My tribute to Gene Wilder’s comedic legacy In movies

The entertainment world lost another Iconic figure to a devastating disease. Comedian/Actor Gene Wilder died yesterday at his Connecticut home.

Tonight, Gene Wilder gets the same tribute from me, just like the late David Bowie did in January this year. According to USA Today, the cause of death is from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. As a fan of this actor/comedian, my favorite movies were: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Blazing Saddles, Silver Streak, and Young Frankenstein.

While Hollywood mourns his death with a social media tribute, this blogger plans on watching a few of his movies at the house tonight. Even though he did comedic roles, it made me glad  that he did other movies as well. One of the roles he played was a turtle in a live action version of Alice in Wonderland. His character wished to be part of a turtle soup. Of course, his iconic role as a writer riding on the train called Silver Streak is good too. He missed catching the train twice and yells an expletive in the movie twice.

This man was one of the few people able to wear brown shoe polish on this face, masquerading as a black man, to get back on the train and not get roundly criticized by the public for it. Ted Danson went too far when he appeared in part of an award show dressed  in blackface. While it seemed funny to some, everyone in the media saw it as done in bad taste. Anyone using that situation to get a laugh is just plain sick. Chevy Chase just wears a black wig when he is around a lot of black people. That made me laugh because it was subtle.

Gene Wilder did that for me too when he played the brother of Sherlock Homes in The Adventures of Sherlock Homes Smarter Brother. Paired with the late Madeline Kahn, and Marty Feldman, the laughter was non stop.

This blogger will miss Gene Wilder and his ability to make people laugh.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Targeted ads using WhatsApp cell numbers breaches Facebook’s promise

Facebook and WhatsApp  users are fuming over the parent company using data collected from phone numbers to target ads. The backlash is far-reaching. Some WhatsApp users have left the chat service over this announcement. Frankly, this blogger didn’t blame them. Unfortunately, this blogger wants updates through her phone on news related items, so Facebook had my cell number. WhatsApp requires users to give their cell number to validate the account. I only chat with one person, even though other friends use that chat service.

I don’t mind the Facebook targeting their ads to me as long as they are beneficial. It’s to their credit they have been so lately. However, this blogger understood users outcry of both system’s determination to make a profit from their targeted ads. This is a breach in their promise not to use collected data from WhatsApp. The social media giant bought the app two years ago. Back then, a $5 price hike concerned its users.

Facebook must be hard up for members to breach its agreement with its users. While it is a great place to gather trending news topics, it wasn’t the only choice. There was a time when I’d get three or four alerts on the same trending news story from different outlets. It is difficult deciding which one to use. The link easiest to use won. That ranked People near the bottom because their stories were removed a lot.

While Facebook remained quiet about this latest announcement, users of these services can stop it. With the encryption added, no one outside of the sender or receiver can read messages. They didn’t share anyone’s posts from WhatsApp on Facebook or send a list of cell numbers to advertisers. On the flip side, sharing one’s number got targeted ads, better friend requests and fight spam. I’ve noticed that unverified accounts on Facebook are removed. Before accepting the TOS agreement on WhatsApp, remove the check mark from the box that reads ‘share my account with Facebook’, then put a check mark in the agree to the TOS box. If it was already checked, go to the account section and remove the check mark from ‘share account info’. This blogger plans to check her account on WhatsApp and Facebook.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Remembering bicycle safety rules

With children heading back to school, some might take their bicycles  if they didn’t walk or ride the bus. It was important for them to understand bicycle safety rules. It was amazing how many  riders forgot road safety. Below are some rules to follow.

bicycleGive the bike a once over. Make sure everything was in working order. Fix or replace worn tires, tighten the seat, handle bars and oil the gears. Make sure the kick stand works too. Depending on what fell off the bike determined how bad the injury was. I’ve known of people who hurt themselves when they hit a rut or stopped the bike and went over the handle bars when something came loose. My sister hurt herself on my mother’s bike overseas. She managed to go over the handle bars,scraping her face and knees.

Bicycle helmetWear safety gear. This was important because these items protected the body. My former pastor learned the hard way when he had an accident while riding his bike a few years back. While he did hit his head, there weren’t any permanent injuries. Afterwards, he made sure to wear a helmet, knee pads and elbow guards. A lot of the Hotter n’ Hell Hundred riders made a choice. It should be made mandatory in this heat. If children were going to school, this was a rule. Along with the bike lock, a helmet, knee pads and elbow guards  are stored in a locker during the day.

12-Motorcycle-Hand-Signals-You-Should-Know-Infographic-790x1024Learn the rules of the road. Obey all traffic signs. Move with traffic permanent citation or injury. One of the cereal boxes I got this month had some bicycle safety tips and showed how to use hand signals which alert motorists on the rider’s direction. In high school, my bus driver used hand signals. To me, this was neat. I thought this went the way of the traffic cop.

Wear reflective gear. Most of the time, children weren’t riding their bicycles at night. For those that deliver papers and riding their bikes, this was a must. Motorists can’t see bike riders without reflectors on their wheels or clothing. I used the reflective lights that went on bikes from the cereal boxes by attaching them to the spokes on my wheelchair. My brother and sister took care of that. Until that time, Dad was hyper to my being out after dark. Now, a flashlight is used.

Here’s a rule of thumb: If the child cannot obey safety rules, they weren’t ready for this step in bicycle riding.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Lying is the ‘in’ thing

Lying seems to be the in thing now. If politicians haven’t done it, well-known Olympic athletes are doing it. When will this lying stop? Being human myself, I’ve fallen victim to this action as a child. I am by no means perfect.

In regards to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, they aren’t sinless either. It’s the experience factor that this blogger counts when making the decision of whom to vote for in just over two months. With Clinton, the fault here was the media’s failure to move on once mistakes are made. I mean, they never let up on her. It is always something brought from the past to slug her with. If the authorities aren’t going to indict her for any of the scandals uncovered by the media, then let it go.

With Donald Trump, the media uncovers his abrupt abrasive attitude every time he opened his mouth and did nothing to reprimand him for it. It is almost like the media tried to ignore his lack of poise and diplomacy when dealing with the public. They even thought it was cute. His attempt at an apology might be too little too late now that his slip in the polls are increasing. The fact that the second campaign manager had to resign due to not paying his property taxes.

As for the men on the U.S. Swim Team lying about being robbed, they should face charges because of making a false arrest, not just ‘in theory’ either. While safety during the Olympics is a major concern for all participating nations, a lot of time, manpower and money are wasted on the perverbial goose chase they sent the media on. They could’ve used all that to stop real crime, not that lying isn’t a crime. If the story didn’t change so much as to the five W’s and an H as to the actual event, it wouldn’t be exposed as a lie. Evidence is key here too. It didn’t add up. Apologizing to the public is good, but the stain of the lie remained as a digital footprint. Sports companies didn’t endorse liars.

My Writing Site was shut down last week because after changing the way it was billed, PayPal still took the monthly hosting fee out of that account instead of automatically charging the card it moved to in June. They thought the charge on the card was fraudulent, which it was not. Because of that error, I had to verify my ownership of the site to reactivate the hosting account by taking a picture of my state ID and a picture of the last four digits of the card used in the orignal transaction, along with my name and expiration date on that card.

The chargeback fee of $25 is painful, but it is better than starting over. I did get an upgrade for the same monthly fee, even though I had to alert the hosting company of an inactive card they used. This blogger did not know that calling the hosting company would’ve prevented the shutdown. Navigating the automated line was hard enough. It took a lot of e-mails to get it right. Committing fraud is like lying but I had proof my charge was not made with that in mind.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Trump ignores backlash over Khizr Khan speeches

As usual, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the news again. This time, for his comments against the parents of fallen Muslim U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan. When will Trump listen? Everyone else on both sides of the issue think Donald Trump went too far with his attacks against this fallen hero. Khizr Khan was right the first time, “You have sacrificed nothing!”

Trump foot in mouth

One of the many reasons why this blogger does ot like Donald Trump is because of his fear campaign against Muslims and other minority groups especially women. I don’t care for the attitude about the military, especially veterans. My father, brother, and other family members served in the Armed Forces, which I am thankful for. Donald Trump is unfit for military service and shouldn’t be leading our country. What really got my back up was his tweet, “Hillary voted for the Iraq war, not me!” And yet he didn’t want to become a part of the debt in Puerto Rico. He is already part of a problem much bigger than that.

When he spoke against the family of Khizr Khan,particularly his wife, it started a domino effect in the media. A lot of my friends, usually Republicans, had to agree that Trump had ‘hoof in mouth’ disease. His toes went in first every time his mouth opened in front of a camera and a microphone. He does it to himself. The problem is he takes the entire Republican party with him. Mitt Romney did the same thing in 2012.

If this is how he handles things the echo “God help us” won’t be the only thing uttered from Capitol Hill. I mean, the live Town Hall Meeting video was all about him. In reading some of the comments, it made me wonder why the Dump Trump campaign failed. No one in their right mind would elect this ‘candidate for change’ His distaste for Muslims had me worried. He didn’t seem to hear anything except the sound of his own voice. He is arrogant. All his wrong doing gets swept under the rug while Hillary Clinton gets bashed for her mistakes—at least she recognizes there are problems. It will take more than one to fix it all.

What will it take to reprimand Donald Trump for his public behavior? He did have a dark soul. As for the uproar over his latest speech, Khizr Khan would get a handshake and a hug from me too.


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Brown Berets: 2 Female Members Get Photographed Standing With Nation of Islam Members at Protest Published on July 11, the photo that circulated on social media shows two Latina Brown Berets standing next to Black Nation Of Islam members during a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.