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DNC speakers pull together speeches amid controversy

After a rough start, the DNC pulled it all together with a speech given by Barack Obama and Joe Biden Wednesday Evening. Yes, booing still occurs, but not as much Wednesday night as Monday. Once again, the speeches and the speakers took center stage. But not without controversy plagiarism again.

Obama knows Trump is stupid, even as a teenager, he saw it. While the media portrays him as indecisive in foreign policy, the push remains for the powers that be, to act in the people’s best interests. The United States wrestles with issues like income inequality and police violence. Also, the nation remains as divided as ever on gun control. Trump admits to carrying a gun in his ad against Hillary Clinton.

Obama allowed immigrants into the U.S by executive action, to allow students in the U.S. to receive work permits and relief from deportation. Most of the people in my apartment complex are foreign students who work while they study in college. Trump, according to Hillary Clinton, wants America to fear the future, fear our leaders, and fear each other. As far as Trump knowing more about ISIS then the generals do, how is he able to get clearance? Most of those documents are classified at the Petagon. Instead of stoking the flames of hate, and building a wall to keep Mexicans out, use that knowledge to vet those coming in from known terrorist countries to avoid acts of terrorism in the U.S.?  He doesn’t ‘get it‘.

Joe Biden has perfect form when he stirs the crowd with the line,” America is pretty damn great already!” Let’s face it, everyone knows how dangerous Donald Trump is as president of America. Just read his back pedaling on the comment he makes today about Russia and their alleged hacking of the DNC. He creates his own controversy every time his mouth opens. The digital footprint still exists. The only difference is he lies about what he says and the media proves it.

Biden and my mother are correct. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about running a country.  He is a business man used to getting his own way. As a blogger, Trump’s lack of platform going into the home stretch, scared me. Mitt Romney lost. Trump cannot fix everything. As president, he answers to the people, like Congress and the Senate.

According to a  Donald Trump, Jr, tweet, Barack Obama stole a line from his #RNC speech last week. He is wondering what happened to the uproar? Here’s the ironic thing, though, The phrase, “The America I know” is used by Obama in 2010 and by George W. Bush after 9/11. Melania Trump’s speech has more references to Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech. The Huffington Post proved it by putting the sentences in bold. The uproar as this blogger sees it, is allowing  Meredith Melver to keep her job after embarrassing the Trump campaign after admitting that she hasn’t seen the Melania Trump’s speech. Not only should Doald Trump mind his words about Russia hacking DNC emails, he should keep tabs on his speech writers and his wife.

Trump 2016

The things that bother me the most about this ‘candidate for change’ are:

  1. Trump is a bully with no tact or diplomacy
  2. He takes no stand on any issue except immigration and guns, but claims to be able to ‘fix everything‘ by himself if elected president.
  3. He disses the disabled Note Eva Longoria’s speech Tuesday night.

As for Hillary Clinton, who has been around for 40 years, there is good in this:

  1.  Her husband, a former president, can instruct her as to proper behavior on and off camera. She hasn’t made the mistakes Trump has.
  2.  Having been a First Lady and former Secretary of State, she has the diplomacy that is lacking in Trump’s demeanor.
  3. Her stand on gun control never waivers.

As for the plagiarism controversy, that was done last night when an article from NBC proved how trite that phrase is.  Cool it, Donald Trump, Jr.!

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As the #DNC starts, chaos abounds inside and out

Well, it’s day two of the #DNC and all news outlets reported chaos. Bernie Sanders supporters booed Hillary Clinton supporters, refusing to listen to the speakers at the convention. Sarah Silverman got them back in line when she mentions how ridiculous they seem. The night belonged to the list of powerful speakers though.

#DNC: Michelle Obama’s oustanding speech

Here’s a woman that understood her position. Both the #DNC and the #RNC actually agreed on her giving an oustanding speech at the convention. It is only right that after almost eight years as a first lady, she uderstands what it takes to work for the people. It is all about leaving something better for the children. They follow their parents example and that of other adults in the circle. Others are watching This blogger likes her ‘aim high’ remark in the video. I also like that she criticizes the RNC nominee with class without mentioning his name. She uses his campaig slogan.

#DNC: Eva Longoria’s speech

As a woman of color and disabled, this blogger feels for Eva Longoria. She uses her speech at the DNC showing Donald Trump that his attitude toward immigrants Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics, etc., offend her. In fact, it looked like he got an education. This is what she said:

So when Donald Trump calls us criminals and rapists, he’s insulting American families. My father is not a criminal or rapist, in fact, he’s a United States veteran. When Trump cruelly mocked a disabled reporter, he was also mocking my special-needs sister Lisa and many like her. When he said that a wife who works is a very dangerous thing, he not only insulted me, he insulted my mother who worked as a special-education teacher for 40 years and raised four children while being a wife.

Her words speak volumes. The sting I feel is one of rejection, especially in employment. Yes, this blog is helping. This December marks one year. My thanks go out to the one who joins me today. Before 2014, these state programs haven’t done anything beyond the basics like preparing resumes, interview readiness, etc., because of their small budget. Remote blogging solved a lot of my problem, so long as the pay covered what my government checks do not. Working twenty hours a week didn’t. A lot of them refused to use the skill already possessed by me. The pay has to be on going for them to recognize it as legitimate. Trump’s words hurt me too.

One more thing the media noticed. There is more diversity among the #DNC speakers  than  those at the RNC last week.

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#NiaGreen: Beating by mother filmed on Facebook gone too far

This is just too much. #NiaGreen deserves punishment, but not like this, especially having everyone see the beat down by her mother, Shanavia Miller, on Facebook. The last time this happened, Dr. Phil got involved. The end result being different as the judge got supervised visits of their 10 year old daughter because of the three or four year old video.

Apparently, Nia Green posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend in a towel on her Facebook page after reportedly having sex. Evidently, this is the wrong way to announce to one’s parents that they’re sexually active. Yes, Nia Green is guilty of displaying too much personal information on social media. Even I know not to do this. The post written about my mother is supposed to be a teaching tool, not to cut my parent down. My brother and sister didn’t see it that way, so I removed it.

In my Google blog post, the father beats his sixteen year old for downloading illegal music. Mama gets her lick in, claiming she did as she was told by the judge on the Dr. Phil Show. They are now divorced. As a result of the video, he got supervised visits with his youngest child. There is no love expressed in this form of discipline, in either situation.

This situation is different. The parent in this video, regardless of who disrespected who first, was behaving like a teenager in a gang, not her daughter’s parent. As of now, the mysterious person behind the live streaming video remains so. Also, there isn’t any mention of the father I any posted stories of this incident either. I’m sure if there were a Dad, things wouldn’t go so far as to be posted on Facebook. It also looks like the discussion of appropriate social media behavior wasn’t spoken of either. NO ONE ever found out what happened to the girl who took a nude selfie on her phone and mistakenly sent it to her father instead of her boyfriend. Personally, I think the nude selfie in 2010 is staged. Inside Edition was at her grandmother’s house.

At this time, no action is taken against the mother for her  reaction.. This blogger thinks there will be because of the media backlash People have called CPS, but they haven’t moved on this incident. Nia Green has vowed to keep her business to herself. It would have been better to do that beforehand. Is this discipline or abuse?


#NiaGreen: Girl Seen Being Beaten by Mother in Video Streamed to Facebook Live, Report Says

According to Tea Served Cold, Green’s mother turned on Facebook Live from Green’s phone and was filmed beating Green, who had posted a photo of herself in a towel with her boyfriend.

Everything You Need To Know About The Nia Green Video | Romper

Over the weekend, a viral Facebook Live video of a mother assaulting … Seeing a Facebook photo her daughter, Nia Green, posted of … calling her a thot (an acronym that stands for “that hoe over there“) while … I Shouldn’t even been doing what i did. No i didnt have ariv in my house when she said not to .

Mother Beats 16 Year Old Daughter #NiaGreen On Facebook Live … 




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VCRs are extinct–or soon will be

VCRs are becoming extinct, literally. The last ones are being made this month. Right now, the only place VCRs are bought are in resale shops. As for ‘feeling old’ my first VCR wasn’t until after graduating college. This blogger is still waiting for her brother to find a Blue-Ray player, my Christmas present from two years ago. Apparently, the halt in production is because parts are harder to acquire and poor sales also, according to this morning’s Huffington Post article.

VCRs:  Remembering the BETAMAX

As a preteen, my family had one of these overseas. Okinawa is the best in purchasing the first VCR, the Betamax. Electronics like that are cheaper in the country in which they are created, at least before China or Taiwan became involved! My dad had fun recording movie titles, everything from A to Z. “Blazing Saddles”, “Silver Streak”, “History of the World, Pt. 1” and “The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie” are our favorites. While I like “Phantasm 1-4” my brother likes “Squirm”.

VCRs: The Problem

My father used this because it was in the living room with the family television set, which later included cable. While programing it became my father’s, brother’s and sister’s responsibility, it became a major source of entertainment for all of us. Like the first TV set, it was analog and had actual working parts. It lost to the competition because most movies are at least two hours. Betamax tapes only play one hour, meaning death in the rental market. Size and cost contributed, especially with shipping.The Betamax was 36 pounds! Hey, the first electronic typewriters had ribbons and a wheel of letters, not screens with a delete button. One used white out if they had typos.

VCRs: Still in use

Right now, my VCRs are a symbiant to my DVD player since replacing my first one with an RCA. It won’t play without a VCR. Watching cable through the first one aged it quickly. My cable box got replaced more than my VCR. The company tech didn’t have the know how to reattach either one of the above and wouldn’t touch them. His high rating depended on both being reattached correctly, whether needed or not. By God’s grace he did it right and double-checked before leaving.

When CDs and DVDs came out, most of my VHS tapes got replaced. Some of my records did too. Most of my DVDs are Disney classics, literary classics comedy favorites or old cartoons. The blue-ray player plays both types of DVDs. Since my television viewing is non-existent, the recording isn’t needed. As long as it works, there aren’t any high-powered electronics needed, like a DVR.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.
Major computer tech companies were hit

Damage control: RNC braces as day four approaches

With all the uproar over Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech and now the trouble Ted Cruz’s speech caused when he said, Vote your conscience, would have anyone wondering what awaited on day four of the RNC. More internal drama, perhaps? It seemed to me that the RNC isn’t all that united, judging by the two incidents so far.

The RNC: Melania Trump speech

Melania Trump

Even though reports surfaced on the campaign speech writer coming forward to apologize yesterday, the digital footprint is cast, the harm is done. The media called Melania on this already. How could they have not known the speech is plagiarized? The Huffington Post highlighted the four or five places where the speech from 2008 is exact.

At least my college professors knew when the wool is pulled over their eyes. I mean, they keep copies of previous term papers or use Copyscape for crying out loud. With all the help out there, why didn’t they use it to stop this? It could save all this embarrassment. With the written statement by Meredith Melver, there isn’t any move to fire the person involved. Donald Trump rejected her resignation, saying “We all make mistakes,” but he hasn’t let up on his attacks against his opponent.

The RNC: Ted Cruz speech

Now the media call Ted Cruz’s speech at the RNC, Wednesday night vindictive. After seeing the report this morning as to why it happened, I’m inclined to disagree with these reports. Apparently, there have been attacks on his wife and father by the Trump camp. If my family are threatened like that over what I wrote, I’d be put off by this too. I don’t believe the claim his dad had anything to do with the assassination of JFK. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Frankly, this blogger applauds anyone who refuses to become a ‘yes man‘ to any would be president. Remember the late C. Everett Koop, United States Surgeon General (1982–1989)? Mom said he resigned his position for that reason. Well, Cruz’s vote isn’t solid either, as the media already wrote the epitaph for the Dump Trump movement months ago. His vote for opponent Hillary Clinton isn’t a sure thing either. Koop had more class when he resigned. Trump still had too many personalities that remained uncovered. One never knew which was in front of the microphone.

The RNC: Damage control

The media said, with these two actions, there is damage to the RNC. How much damage remained unknown. This blogger wonders what the headlines read after tonight’s broadcast on NBC? This blogger predicted more drama lie ahead for the RNC tonight. If they kept making mistakes like this, their party isn’t going to “Make America Great Again”. It’s firm foundation took a major hit with both Melania’s and Cruz’s speeches so far. The media wrote things off too quickly. According to the media, Cruz wouldn’t make the RNC nomination in 2020 because of this, but a lot can happen in four years.

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Is Melania Trump RNC’s next ‘Achilles heel’?

Melania Trump, wife of the RNC presidential nominee, gave a speech last night that would’ve hit a home run, if it weren’t plagiarized by Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, given at the DNC. Media made its own reality,  What is to be done about this violation of copyright law? Right now, it appeared that no action is on the docket to correct this major infraction in the Trump campaign.

Due to all the media backlash about Melania Trump speech, she is slated to become the RNC”s ‘Achilles Heel‘, a flaw or defect. Donald’s major malfunction is his mouth. Too bad no ambrosia was rubbed there when he speaks. According to one myth, that supposedly protected Achilles from harm when his mother, Thetis,  put him in the flames. The only flames fanned here are the ones the media capitalizes on. They are justified because the media knows how to throw stones. Remember Bill Cosby and Paula Deen?

Her husband had enough trouble with his own shortcoming. He might say what he thought and mean it, but Donald Trump rubbed people the wrong way. He says he loves women, but not Megyn Kelly. Yesterday, one article reported she  Donald Trump dominate her during an interview.   This blogger doesn’t see her as that kind of person, not after all his complaints about the previous debates this year.  His campaign manager grabs at straws trying to blame Hillary Clinton for his wife’s speech blunder. Michelle Obama has nothing to do with it either, according to Joy-Ann Reid, who let go of the thought.

Will anyone come forward claiming responsibility? Probably not, but someone else could research her speeches before she reads them for the RNC. This blogger recommends using CopyScape when checking for plagiarism. This stunt reminds me of the stupidity in my Western Civilization Class in College. At least five people turned in black market or plagiarized term  papers my first semester. A few didn’t remove the previous owner’s name before turning in the paper.

Apparently, Queen didn’t authorize the use of the song, “We are the Champions” as his entrance piece for his “Make America Great Again” campaign. So far, things didn’t look so great from here.  This is disgraceful as plagiarizing a speech. This blogger forecasts Melania Trump is the next weakest link if she didn’t get someone looking up her speeches before she speaks in front of people. Her Achilles heel might topple Donald’s presidential chances without Dump Trump.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Race: People divided over hostility causes

Tonight, there is a townhall meeting on race where the president is due to speak on it. Let’s hope it faired better than the aftermath from the Ferguson riot or Obama’s speech durig the Dallas Memorial. Reaction on social media is shaky.

Race: Still stewing over the past

The sad fact is that 69% of people in America still thought that race relations are worse since the Rodney King incident more than 20 years ago. And they thought guns were the issue? Lets get real here, people. The plan needs to change. Put the spoken words into action. Dont just debate over it. How did they heal the open wounds that existed in the African America communities affected by the recent tragedies? This blogger is puzzled herself. Race can’t be solved in 24 hours or over the course of an hour speech.

Race: The biggest divide

The good news is that Americas, both black and white, are dissatisfied with race relations, the difference is only 1%. The bad news showed when the answers came back on the use of force. While 75 percent of African Americans believed they were more apt to have deadly force used against them, only 36 percent of whites believed this of their race. The shocking thing about this is, 56 percent of whites didn’t think this made a difference. Black people who believed that is 18 percent. In spite o all the shootings that occurred recently, the division of race was made further. For whites, the poll’s margin of error is 3%, for blacks it is 9 percent. The poll as with 1,600 Americans from Friday, July 8, to Tuesday, July 12 — after last week’s controversial police-involved shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota and the deadly shootings of officers in Dallas that targeted white cops.

Race: NBER study

NBER further complicated things for me. The strange thing is, their study found ‘no racial motive‘ for all those police shootings’ among the ‘raw data’ they collected. Dallas just happened to be one of the cities where raw data are used for their study. Like the article above, there are differences when police used deadly force among blacks and whites. The study also reported that there were more that 10,000 arrests a year in Houston. Then why the use of guns and the need for the open carry law?

Race: People made bad choices

If they just followed the advice of the officer ad didn’t try to resist, on one got hurt.Some made bad choices, like the Fletcher murder A few weeks ago, while watching the TV show ,”Cops” it surprised me how stupid people thought police are. The moment an officer came to the widow, they could:

  1. Smell cigarette, drug, or alcohol odors.
  2. Can find out if any knives or guns were in the car or on the driver
  3. Run the license and find outstanding warrants
  4. Were allowed the use of deadly force if one got resistant

Thankfully, it didn’t come to the last point. No one died in any of the episodes watched by me two weeks ago. To me, the NBERS study was a little off. Statistics are made to be manipulated. Here’s hoping the townhall meeting made progresss on race relations in America. Check the local listings in your area for time and stations.

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Guns are still an important issue in violence

When I stated, “Media had it’s own version of the truth”. I did not know how right I was. The recent shootings in Minnesota, Louisiana, Dallas, and Chicago all had something in common: It’s blown out of proportion by videos of the violence being posted on social media.

Media’s role

Since Ferguson, discussion is still rampant on the social media channels and television too. This blogger didn’t think those on the panel actually get the picture. With all the articles about race relations in the country, the same thing kept happening in areas with people of color. If a white man shot a black man, insufficient evidence kept them out of jail. If a black man shot a white man, the media would stop short of lynching or crucifying him, because of due process.

Apparently, the news bored some of the reporters. They always showed violent video of African Americans or other people of color getting arrested and posting them on social media, causing a public uproar. Where did all this hate come from? The above didn’t help the powder keg that kept exploding every time this issue came about. If this were black on black violence, like the recent Helen Fletcher murder, not much was done after her boyfriend confessed. This person was someone’s mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend.

Guns:  Abolish the ‘no carry’ rule

Here’s an idea, don’t allow open carry to be nationwide. In addition to the removal of automatic weapons, make those that have the right to carry a gun be held responsible for their actions. Just because someone fits the profile of a violent person didn’t mean they were. As a black woman and disabled at that, it appalled me that the same thing kept happening in poorer or high crime ridden areas of the nation. There needed to be more than just a “panel of talkers”. It is time to take action. Guns didn’t kill people, people with guns kill people. The sad part about the above shooting was that 20 years later, they were still happening after efforts were made to unify the Eastside in Wichita Falls to stop the violence.

No blaming single parents

This was not the place to blame or point fingers at one particular group. Some of my best friends were single parents where the father is not present in the home. My mother always knew what was going on because she chose to stay home with us. Dad knew too. She didn’t want us being latch key children. She didn’t start part time work until I was in junior high. The biggest problem existing in these poorer neighborhoods is a fear or lack of respect for authority. Well, no wonder when social media instigates and aggravates the problem.

Guns and apathy

According to one article, that was the second trigger to the causes of violence, right behind overcrowding and disrespect of someone. Most of these people killed were disrespected in some way by the police. Officers were killed trying to stop this pop off. It went downhill from there, obviously.

Guns and mental instability

This article also pointed out that there is a lack of concern for some of the victims of gun violence. While the Fletcher murder was ruled a homicide, the shooter didn’t believe his victim got injured even though she told him so twice. In the case of all these shootings where ISIS is the culprit, lack of concern became paramount in how they radicalized both in and out of America. Remember the #Paris Attacks? What of Istanbul and Brussels? At least in the cases of the shooting in Oregon, that was a person having a mental problem. The one in Orlando did too. The trigger there are the media also.

Guns: The Author’s view

Thank goodness the only thing this blogger had to deal with was a break-in two weeks ago. The only thing stolen was the power cord to my modem/router combo that allowed me to surf the web on my laptop. The cord fit in their pocket, so the thief, someone attached to the maintenance that had access to the keys in the office, assumed the role to do this in the guise of ‘checking‘ on something in my apartment.

They thought the power cord wouldn’t be missed. IT WAS. My surge protector has a space between my cell phone cord and my desktop computer cords. Thursday morning, there were two. Management knew who was on call that night after the office closed at 5:30. They were the only other people who had my key other than Mom and me. Because a report was issued, with a case number, my lock on the front door was changed, free of charge. This blogger isn’t opposed to using guns with proper training

Until there is unity in Washington on what to do. We can only pray for improvement.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.
Saudi Arabia Attacks

Saudi Arabia attacks: ISIS inspired hate

The Saudi Arabia attacks are the worst reported so far. Three cities in Saudi Arabia were hit yesterday, Baghdad on Sunday. One of them happened in the city of Medina, one of the two cities a Muslim must visit at least once in their life time. Two attacks failed, one of them outside not far from the American Consulate in a hospital parking lot. A Saudi security official said an attacker parked a car near the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah before detonating the device.
For further reading:
  1. Iran and Saudi Arabia: Conflict more than the massive body count on October 20, 2015
  2. Putin’s Middle East Plan: Control of the oil flow on October 8, 2015
  3. Obama and Putin: Strategies still differ in Syria and the Ukraine on September 29, 2015
  4. U.S. Seeks Military Talks with Russia on Syria on September 18, 2015
  5. The Iran nuclear deal was like signing our own death warrant on September 11, 2015
  6. Putin’s dangerous game on June 11, 2015

Attacking a Shiite mosque, a U.S. entity and the holy city of Medina are meant to embarrass the Saudis. The attack on Medina specifically undercuts the royal Saudi family’s claim to be the “protectors of the two holy places,” Bergen said, a reference to the holy sites of Mecca and Medina.

But, Bergen said, a suicide attack in Medina couldn’t be more counterproductive because the attack took place at a revered Muslim location during Ramadan. It would seem senseless to undertake that kind of action, he said, and he expects it would be greeted with “strong condemnation and puzzlement” by the Muslim faithful.

Things are going to get worse.


I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Understanding Istanbul, Brussels bombings are complicated

Understanding the Istanbul, Brussels bombings are complicated,  Yet, the Brussels, Belgium attack in March, where 35 people were killed, is similar to the one in Istanbul, in late June. This was more than a statement made during the month of Ramadan, even though ISIS claimed something would occur in the last days of the Muslim holiday. Apparently, This is the same date that Turkey attempted to repair relations with Israel and Russia Turkey is a U.S. ally and for that matter, so was Israel and Russia.

Brussels Attack March 2016

As July 4th approached, Americans came out in droves to celebrate the nation’s Independence. Like security at major sporting events, security remained tight with large crowds in major transportation hubs. In the Brussels attacks, at  least 270 people were injured Like most people, this blogger didn’t understand what the issue was between Turkey and the ISIS (Daesh) group. Why attack the airport in Turkey?

A brief look at history. One of the two problems exists in Turkey itself with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party. The government has been fighting them for more than 40 years. The other issue was fighting along the Syrian border. Once the West came into the dispute, a cease fire calmed everything until last year when a team of Kurdish activists wanted to rebuild Kobane, a town destroyed by ISIS. They, the Kurds, accused the government of using ISIS to prohibit their  efforts at progress. The Kurds said that they aided the regime. Really ironic to me.

Similarities They both had three terrorists. The Brussels bombings took place at both the airport and the train station. Two terrorists were in the airport at Istanbul and the other was in the parking lot.

One attacker shot in the departures hall with an automatic rifle, sending passengers diving for cover and trying to flee, before all three blew themselves up in or around the arrivals hall a floor below, witnesses and officials said.

Moment in Istanbul Ataturk Airport ARP NEWS

Video footage showed one of the attackers inside the terminal building being shot, by police, before falling to the ground as people scattered. The attacker then blew himself up around 20 seconds later. Autopsies on the three bombers, whose torsos were ripped apart, had been completed and that they may have been foreign nationals, according to the Dogan news agency. They have not confirmed the source where this information of these terrorists came from.

Americans, both nationwide and abroad were to remain vigilant during this time.




I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.