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Gun control law needed clarification

Even though the high court ruled on banning domestic abusers from owning a gun if they were convicted, the debate between ‘reckless’ and ‘intentional’ behavior continued. People on both sides of the gun control law  think the narrow definition needed clarification. This blogger agrees. It should cover other incidents as well.

Here are the internet definitions of both:

  • Reckless done foolishly, carelessly, or without thinking about the consequences.
  • Intentional done on purpose, deliberately. Knowing the action was wrong and still doing it anyway

It is simple enough, so why did the Supreme Court  complicate things by thinning the line between the two incidents? Most domestic abusers that own a gun basically intend to use it on their victims. Unless the victim filed charges and had the abuser arrested, the paper trail with the police department is one of their means of protection, if  supporting evidence exists.  The Helen Fletcher murder is intentional.

  1. Because he knew where the gun was, he meant to use it during the argument after seeing the ex-girlfriend at the ATM. Drugs and alcohol only compounded the trouble.
  2. He intended on lying, trying  to lead police on a wild goose chase for the gun, which he said was in an open field when it was in his couch pillows behind the dumpster.

In one study, Rosset and Rottman 2014, it seemed simple enough for adults. Their mental faculties were fully formed, in being able to distinguish between reckless and intentional, but there were still flaws:

There is comparatively little research focused on understanding intentional explanation in adults, an omission that is not surprising in light of the assumptions of the ICED framework. There are, however, a handful of exceptions. Journal of Cognition and Culture 14, (34)

Intentional explanations will be used appropriately, but could conceivably be underestimated in situations of cognitive load. Intentional explanations will be used appropriately, except in situations of cognitive load, in which they will be abused Journal of Cognition and Culture 14, (31)

They didn’t factor in those that went radical or had mental flaws like the Oregon Shooter who unfortunately got hold of the keys to the gun cabinet in his mother’s house. Current events bothered him. Later, the news revealed through his sister, that problems existed with authority and himself since age three.  Oregon didn’t have any services to treat him like California.

In the San Bernadino shooting, the couple, naturalized Americans, went radical,  killing 14. In the Orlando shooting, the wife knew what her husband’s intentions were when he left for the gay nightclub. One phone call to the police might have prevented 49 deaths. One thing  still bothers this blogger. While the victims of domestic violence are heard, this narrow definition  only solved a fraction of the problem. Hillary Clinton’s gun control plan had merit. They should be able to broaden the above definitions to include:

  1. Prohibiting gun sales to those on the ‘no fly’ list
  2. Having a national registry of violent criminals
  3. Creating a registry  high risk mental patients prone to violence
  4. Taking automatic weapons off the street
  5. Vetting those that visited known terrorist countries

Right now, those that own a gun have the power. Both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence knew that. In order for the law  to work effectively,  Clarification needed to broaden the  meaning and the result made gun control affective.




Evelyn Rosset* Department of Psychology, Boston University, Cummington Hall, Boston, MA 02215, USA and Joshua Rottman Department of Psychology, Boston University, Cummington Hall, Boston, MA 02215, USA The Big ‘Whoops!’ in the Study of Intentional Behavior: An Appeal for a New Framework in Understanding Human Actions, Journal of Cognition and Culture 14 .PDF (2014) 27–39


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Aftermath: What’s next for the United Kingdom?

The world watched in awe as the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union last Thursday night.  What lies ahead for them and America?  The EU didn’t seem so united. Stocks on both sides of the Atlantic plummeted, even the British pound on this news.  The questions continue, even after the resignation of the Prime Minister

Instead of a victory, England woke up this morning with a buster of a headache. The Bristish pound fell hard against the dollar. Also, it reached its lowest point since George Michael had a hit single. The Dow Jones took a hit here too, falling 30% at the shock on  the news in the UK that they voted to leave the EU.The problem was more than the falling pound though.  What affect would this have on both England ad the EU as well as America?

Further reading on the United Kingdom from The Huffington Post:

Brexit’s Lessons In Improbability

As long as England remained outside the EU, Armageddon wasn’t to take place. The EU was the beginning of the one world government  needed to usher that in along with the antichrist too.

Intertwining issues facing the United Kingdom

Right now, the United Kingdom and a few other European countries wanted a complete break from the EU. There were others that hoped that talks to stop England from leaving would work. The biggest problem with the whole thing was Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Until now, it has ever been used To further compound the problem, if England were to leave the EU, it would make it harder for workers under that umbrella to move freely in Britain. It would also break a campaign promise of limits on immigration.

Would a complete break actually happen? Not unless they can avoid the above controversies. Either way, it left the United Kingdom looking very weak standing alone on the world stage. America already had its weakness in how it dealt with foreign policy, particularly the issue of immigration and terrorism. At least England was ot to have a ‘lame duck’ Prime Minister for long. The incoming one was to deal with this controversy.

Only time will tell what the effect will be.



I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Success: Apps times marketing equal sales

Nothing beats having downloadable apps for a website or blog. The reality being, that this crucial element  secured on-going traffic. Of course, it as easier if these were already mobile friendly, meaning that a site or blog was viewable almost exactly as is on a phone, PC or tablet. What is the goal of marketing? What part did social media play?

The Goal of Marketing  The goal was making viewers of one’s blog want to visit the web site and sign up or buy what one featured. Remember the college economics class about supply and demand? Downloadable ebooks have been always popular, especially when the author can offer some valuable information on how to get something either for free or reduced price for a limited time. Since writing about parallel universes was my favorite, offering the first chapter of my novel, The Long Journey Home, might excite a few readers. It might be better to offer The Eros Chronicles for download too, as a limited release.

The role of Social Media. Social media was a great marketing tool. With the right apps and marketing strategies earning money became easier.One thing my brother taught me is never pay for anything if it was downloaded for free. Even though Facebook purchased WhatsApp a while back, the cost to use the chat service still remained at .99 a year. At least the social media giant was in fourth place behind SnapChat. Here were the Android top five free trending apps for The Google PlayStore:

Messenger (Facebook)

 Slither io



T-Mobile Tuesdays

The nicest thing about the top five grossing apps had a few games recognized through on phone ads and tried by me on my smart phone. With only 2GB of space on my phone, these had to be played on my computer. It is easy to become addicted to ad disgusted with some of them, especially Candy Crush Saga, just like Angry Birds. The music was annoying.

Game of War

Mobile Strike

Clash of Clans

Candy Crush Saga

  Clash Royale

As mentioned before, it is fun and profitable to create a free mobile app of one’s own, if the public liked the product. One of my Facebook pages had a mobile app through Como. Normally, this was free for the first 50 downloads, then one paid for it. AppsGeyser is great, but  troubles existed when downloading and monetizing the app. The beauty being that a contest going on through July 31 sponsored by Amazon for the best app. Creating the app was free and could even be downloaded into the Google PlayStore and the Amazon Apps Store. The winner got $70 and a tablet. Images and names had to be free of copyright infringement. Most of the popular competition was gaming apps.

Apps were a great advertising tool. In order for web traffic to flow, one had to entice readers with some sort of free or reduced price download,  It was easy to see that some of the above games did well in the Google Play Store. This blogger recognized some or them through the ads online. A few were even played by me. 

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Live media attracted more online viewers

This year, the difference in my Facebook Newsfeed hadn’t changed. However, the readership on sites like Yoboogle and My Writing Site have fluctuated in the first quarter. My uncle criticized me for ‘just spitting back’ the news in 500 words or less, except for my disappointment with Time Warner Cable recently, which had 501 words. Today’s post, Media Companies’ Reach Per Facebook Post Plummeting in 2016 (Study), had me thinking long before now that one had to step out of the box in order to gain readership. One news source didn’t do the whole job.

Competing digital and social media outlets Facebook might have been popular with the younger crowd, but it wasn’t the only news outlet Most of my readers were in the 35-54 age range on Yoboogle. A lot of my posted stories came from other digital and social media venues. The updates come from my phone via Facebook notifications, or through one of three e-mail inboxes. Since everyone knew posting trending web topics on the web didn’t end at 5 pm. One had to know the rhythm of the news. For instance, with both of my sites above, had topics posted one to four times a day, sometimes more, but writing two blog posts a day was enough for this blogger.

Google+ was still alive In spite of people who have tried to falsely report its demise in the last two years, Google+ was still holding its own with along with the others. The Google browser hadn’t ceased to operate so the other lived too. Thankfully, the only major ‘tinkering‘ with the digital media was a restructuring so that people posting didn’t need a gmail account to use this service. This was their attempt at trying to rattle Facebook, which didn’t work. My Google blog became archival mainly because the use of WordPress was preferable to me because it was easier to post there before getting my new laptop last year.

Implementation of video The readers on Yoboogle preferred live video from The Huffigton Post, Sports Illustrated, The 700 Club, and Marshable. As a matter of fact, most of the likes and people who actually see the posts went up if there was a link to a video or song. Two people from CBN actually thanked me for sharing their post in the last two days.

The biggest draws were from people that did harm to others like these stories:

In the case of My Writing Site, it was more complicated. Statistics ruled the roost. My holiday fare with the prom dresses and travel were great, but they were only temporary. My best time was Memorial Day Weekend when the top movies were to be released. Video was used here too. My next top hits on June 9 were because of:

The ironic thing was there were two opposing views. My sister ad someone from Bible Study on Wednesday night told me to complain to TWC management to negotiate a lower rate on my bill for their flub this Saturday past. My mother said to forget about the trouble and move on. It looks like the first option was to be pursued. It worked before. ~

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Feedback: Future with cable company ‘in limbo’

As a blogger, a recent magazine article, Am I Making a Difference?, made me wonder the same thing, but on a different scale. Once again, my troubles were with the current cable company, Time Warner Cable. The issue they had this Saturday past was supposed to fix fraying outside wires. The filters were supposed to prevent noise from radio frequencies. Unfortunately, these filters killed the internet. Several of the people in my complex called because they didn’t have service. Instead of band-aiding the situation, the broken lines should have been replaced. Did any feedback, good or bad, matter since the company was to be absorbed by another?

Access to the web was crucial. It was my job to engage readers on my websites and social media outlets with trending topics. Because of one tech’s bumbling, readership was down a big chunk from Friday. At its worst, nothing was able to be posted on Facebook. Imagine if there were a deadline to meet with Missing a deadline could mean not being paid or getting fired. Thank goodness my electric bill was paid by phone, otherwise it would’ve been late again. The penalties for that were painful enough in March.

Negotiations for a lower rate fell on deaf ears. Like the four year-old in the article above, fighting with TWC customer service wasn’t the way to handle things, even if they didn’t budge on allowing a lower price. This blogger “gets it”. In my case, because of my being disturbed over the shoddy job the tech did on Saturday, my only recourse would be to complain to higher up. This might work with the other situation a few weeks ago with Yoboogle too, since that hasn’t been resolved either. My being unable to post bothers me. All that was received from the host company was, “We’ll get this fixed for you, OK?”

The automated feedback number was down. It never got past the first question, no matter what was pushed. Because no further reduction was made on last month’s bill, no feedback was made by me. This time my wish was for something to be done to improve competency among the workers and for those that make major mistakes like the one on Saturday be held accountable for it. With all the trouble experienced by this company in the last three years, repairing an outside line should be done free of charge. This was a technical error.

Perhaps this blog piece will get them to notice. Bad press was a nail or a thorn. My cousin was right. Things like that ran rampant on the Internet. My future with this new company remained ‘in limbo’. At this point, leaving any kind of feedback was remote.  At least the tech today left his personal card in case anything else went wrong with my connections.


  1. Will the new company name mean better cable deals?
  2. Yoboogle: Sign in error sources found
  3. By hooking VCR and DVD player right, TWC tech kept 9 rating

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Windows 10 upgrade: Getting the free option was a choice

If people wanted Windows 10, they’d better get it before July 29 if they wanted it for free. After that time, one would have to pay for it. Why was there such a rush for Microsoft to have the new updates next month? Were they forcing users who didn’t want the upgrade to have it anyway? There was a media backlash over that they way they killed off other Windows operating systems.

Enhanced Security According to an article in PCWorld, the best way to protect a computer against anything that might harm the operating system, like adware, malware, and other web viruses. My brother agrees that one wanted to go up, not down.This should be done once a month when the user ran Windows Defender. They should check for computer upgrades as well.

Upgrading was a choice PC users were never ‘coerced’ to take the upgrade if they didn’t want it. Social media had this wrong. As long as the upgrade wasn’t running, one could still stop the improvements to their compter. It had to be done in the scheduling stage though.

Here was what they were reporting to Microsoft:

a. Microsoft is making it extremely difficult to avoid automatic Windows 10 updates now, and is removing the option to cancel the update altogether.  A report from The Register claims that there is no cancel option in the update dialog box anymore, as the user is presented with choices to either upgrade instantly or choose an upgrade time. 

b. Microsoft has promised to support Windows 7 until 2020, and users should be let alone to use their favorite operating system until then. As a report from PCWorld recently shared that to avoid Windows 10 upgrades, users are disabling critical security updates on their Windows 7 machines, which is not only counterproductive but also puts Microsoft’s users at risk.

Microsoft Essentials will protect Windows 7 operating systems until 2020 also. They will still get the much-needed security patches needed to keep their computers safe. Microsoft said, even though PCWorld said having the latest upgrades kept the computer safer with Windows 10. Windows 7 users weren’t out yet.

c.  Microsoft says The Regs report is “inaccurate:” Microsoft Denies Removing the Close Button from Get Windows 10 App

Free Windows 10 to end Why end the free option? Microsoft wanted it like that because it was the first anniversary of the premiere Windows operating system. Any time after this date, users of the older Windows systems would have to pay $119. The app was to shut down automatically. This eliminated ‘forced’ upgrades.

Unfortunately, a few chunks of Windows 10 were still being added to the customer’s computer, even without their consent. This blogger can see why the article above was written, but it wasn’t over the choice to upgrade or not. It was just how the app worked automatically.

The good news was that, like the free upgrade, it took time to shut down the Windows 10 upgrade app on every computer used worldwide.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Miss Manners: Right about girl’s graduation party

Miss Manners made the social media feed on Facebook this week. A person graduating from school was thrown a graduation party and “skipped out” on it. Unfortunately, her parents knew their daughter didn’t care for parties and still wanted to have the party. They told her to tell them if this was ok or not, so they could cancel a week before. She agreed to pop in and thank her family and friends for the gifts and for coming. Their daughter’s grandparents, a few relatives and good friends came by and left presents, some were checks.

Not only did she not show up, she sent a text to her father, feigning illness, saying she was not up for a celebration. Of course, the girl’s parents were insulted by their daughter’s rude behavior, as were the guests. The girl, when she did show up was rude to her grandparents and everyone else. She refused to write the notes of apology. Now the parents were wondering, along with the note of regret, whether they should return the presents too.

The only time one should not show up to a party was a family or their:

  1. Injury
  2. Grave illness
  3. Sudden death

What happened to the parents of my generation? Obviously, they were the last to instill a sense of right or wrong in their children. That lesson was either missing here or it was ignored by the daughter. She planned not to show up at the last minute. This said a lot, bad form on the daughter’s part. Something like this would have never happened then. Even at 18, there would have been other punishment.

Not only did this blogger agree with Miss Manners, Judith Martin’s answer, the parents were right to return the gifts along with a note of apology. If anything, she was curt to all that went there to celebrate her milestone of finishing secondary school. Any parent would hit the roof at the way their offspring acted. If the daughter had let them know her wishes a week before, no one would be offended if it were called off the week before. She agreed to pop in and say hello and couldn’t honor even those.

Miss Manners said since she didn’t help with the planning of the party, so she wasn’t to keep her gifts either. If this were me, my offspring would’ve paid for the decorations, the cake and the invitations and thank you notes as well co-sign the letter of apology for her actions to the guests. My mother would have made me write the apology letter and sign it so she could return it with the gifts. No other party would be thrown again ever.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.