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Great trips offered for graduation or summer vacation

With Graduation and Summer coming up, people were thinking about going on vacation. Due to the weather’s icy grip in the northeast and southwest, the warmer climate was more preferable, as trips went Below was the choices published by My Writing Site.

Want to get away for a short vacation? It won’t be long before all the best ideas were taken so hurry to book a trip to a favorite destination.

Gayot had the top ten romantic destinations listed on their site. Among the top five trips were:

Aspen  Aspen  offered more than just good celebrity spotting. Yes, this is a star-studded skier’s paradise, but it’s also a year-round romantic destination with its stunning scenery, top-notch hiking, superb accommodations and busy nightlife.

Mexico A Lovers’ Refuge on the Riviera Maya Once home to small fishing villages, the Riviera Maya has flourished into a hot destination spot filled with luxury resorts, fine dining, vibrant nightlife and calming spa retreats. It’s no wonder why this coastal region in Mexico is such a sexy getaway for couples. Book a room at the adults-only, all-inclusive El Dorado Royale, a Spa Resort by Karisma, and soak in the natural salt water pool or enjoy exclusive wine tastings. The hotel is also conveniently located in close proximity to Playa del Carmen and downtown Cancun, providing the perfect opportunity for sightseeing.

Experience the Tropical Splendor of Kauai, Hawaii Kauai is perfect for lovebirds, whether you’re about to tie the knot, want to renew your vows or simply are in the mood for love. The “Garden Isle,” as it is known, will exceed your every expectation in terms of seclusion, romance and luxuriant surroundings of both the natural and manmade varieties.

The European Charm of Québec City Experience Old World charm in North America with a visit to Québec City, Canada. The area has fervently preserved its French culture and language, so it’s no surprise that amour seems to permeate the air. A visit to Old Québec — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — will make you and your loved one feel transported back in time. It’s the only walled city north of Mexico and is home to historic architecture, such as the iconic Château Frontenac.

Southern California Escape to Catalina Island Although it’s only 22 miles off the Southern California coast, Catalina Island feels hundreds of miles away from the mainland. Upon boarding the Catalina Express, the hustle and bustle of daily life slips from sight as you sail away to a piece of paradise in the Pacific Ocean. Avalon is the pulse of the island, with an array of attractions for couples to enjoy.

The good news was that during my travels, stops were made in Daytona Beach, enroute to Club Med and Myrte Beach. A few of my elder relatives lived in Palm Coast, not far from the airport. These spots just happen to be on the list of top spring break destinations for college students,according to Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations. While some places listed wished to shed that image others encouraged it.

Daytona Beach boasts an abundance of cheap hotels, inexpensive restaurants and plenty of package deals. If you’re hoping to score a bargain on lodging, distance yourself from the shoreline.

South Padre Island This Texan city has earned a reputation as spring break central thanks to its nightlife and affordable lodgings. Even beachfront properties are cheap (especially if you’re sharing a room)

Santo Domingo This Caribbean retreat makes for quite the urban adventure. And with numerous attractions and affordable hotels, you’re bound to leave satisfied and with your savings intact.

Puerto Rico There are plenty of ways to stay entertained, including beaches and a buzzing night scene. Plus, affordable accommodations and flights are easy to find.e

Myrtle Beach  This South Carolina shore town offers an affordable way to experience the sun and sand. And depending on your location, you can save money on this trip by driving there instead of taking a plane. This was the latest deal

The remainder of this piece was to lay out the savings from these trips.

Get savings and discounts when signing up and staying at a hotel

Planning a trip for graduation or summer vacation? This might help. A discounted trip to Montreal, Canada

Some of the best places to find good flight deals were for the above trips Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Kayak My favorite was Expedia.

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Where to find prom dresses on a budget

Ok, prom season was coming up. Every girl that had the prom date had to have the prom dress. Here were some ideas on how to find a prom dress without taking out a loan or second mortgage on the family home. Hey, these dresses were only worn once by some, so why not look good at a fair price while staying on budget too? The list below should help, though it was only a guide.

Best Time to Find Inexpensive Prom Dresses–Knowing when to shop is key to staying on budget! This was an excellent article. It always paid off knowing the best time to shop for dresses at a good price. One of the dresses purchased by me was for my sister’ Debutante Ball. It almost wasn’t to be because Mom and me waited till the last minute. To my delight, the pink formal was a size 9!

How to Design Your Own Prom Dress… Online! Pick your perfect fabric, length and color, even if you’re not a design whiz– This was a great place to start, especially for those who had a creative streak and want to make a statement. The beauty was one didn’t have to be an artist or even know how to sew.

How to Find Cheap Prom DressesShopping tips for bargain dress hunters! It was always great to find a bargain, so why not try saving money on the dress? Sometimes, a girl only went to their prom once. My sister was lucky, she had four prom dates, one for each year in high school. If one was that lucky, they’ll need to know where to find a good bargain.—Discounted Prom Dresses If one didn’t trust the online stores, try Their dresses weren’t drab or matronly, but colorful, stylish and reasonably priced for those on a budget.

Where to Rent a Prom Dress OnlineIf you can’t commit to buying, borrow! Hey, this didn’t sound too bad. Brides always borrowed their wedding dresses and or accessories. Remember the old saying ,something old, something new, something borrowed? Prom dresses, like men’s tuxedos, were borrowed too. This article showed where to rent the dress.

Locally, JCPenney sold some wonderful prom dresses in their store. The formal for my sister’s coming out party was bought there. They had some pretty good accessories for sale too. My sister and me played with the hats on the sale rack one Spring Break back when in high school. My sister laughed at the wide brimmed yellow hat with the large feather in it. What a shame it wasn’t bought for the Ladies Tea two weeks ago!

Walmart— Discounted Long and Short Prom Dresses Walmart was a great place to shop for discounted prom dresses both long and short. They were certainly ot to be outdone by their competitors above.

Target had a better selection of plus sized clothing that could pass as a prom dress. The best styles were A line and Maxi dresses. Granted, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, shopped here for one of her dresses and so did First Lady, Michelle Obama. Neither of them were plus sized.

Kohl’s These dresses were limited, but remember, it’s early.  The site  lets the user pick everything from size, to style, sleeve length and such. That determines the price of the dress too.

Dillard’s  This was high end shopping. Be prepared to spend up to $300 or more in the lace dress and bridal/bridesmaid category.  What’s disappointing was there was no prom dress page

These were but a few of the places to find prom dresses at a good price. Remember that this was only a guide to follow. If one knew their area, they could make a list like this too.


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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dismissed by critics

It looked like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t open to very good reviews last night. Ultimately, though, it will be the audience that decided whether it was worth the ticket price or the time in the theater. Movie critics have already dismissed it.

The bottom line was that the creator of this film was bad at telling stories, according to the article above. The scenes were choppy and had no link to the actual sequence of events. At least in the cartoon version they only collided with each other when they had to chase down a criminal in the other’s territory. Like this movie, way back then, they showed disdain for one another, but the audience never knew why.

Here was a clue found in yesterday’s article, What We Talk About When We Talk About Batman and Superman, it’s all political. They got along thirty years ago, I fact their close relationship bored the comic book readers until a gruesome tussle over ideology in 1986’s graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, a dramatic dust-up due to mind control in the 2003 comic-book story line “Hush,” and, of course, an upcoming gladiator match in this weekend’s big-screen tentpole Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Let’s face it, they were polar opposites, as different as day and night actually. Batman preferred fighting crime undercover of darkness. He brooded over the evil of man against man. Remember his parents were killed in a dark alley by two thugs. He was orphaned by a murder. Superman saw evil in the criminals he fought, but believed in the good of humankind. Even though Krypton was destroyed and he became orphaned, he still had a crystal with the entire history of his planet in his spaceship and a family that adopted him.

If they fought, it would have been over the way something was handled. Neither one was able to marry or have offspring, not with the list of enemies looking for an easy weak link. If the offspring weren’t an easy target, their secret identities were in jeopardy because the wives of these men deserved to know. At least in the movie with Michael Keaton as Batman, he told his date that his life was ‘really complex‘. At least in the second Superman movie, with the late Christopher Reeve, Lois Lane ‘forgot’ Clark Kent’s secret when he kissed her in the Daily Planet break room.

How could Batman hit someone so hard that their head went through the floor? Critics were right to bring this out. It made more sense for his their head going through a plate glass window, but not through the floor. He was the only crime fighter with no super powers. He does have a great mind for detective work. This was where editing came in. If the floor was that weak, Batman would have made a hole in the floor too.

The worst part of this premiere was that one of the cameos, Wonder Woman, was just thrown into the battle with no real back story. Just like the rest of the film. It was a sequence of unrelated events with no clear direction. Of course, with her strength as an Amazon, she was no stranger to battle. Hopefully, her film was better organized than this one. Actually, this blogger was well versed on her story just like the rest.

Here’s hoping the audience found something nice to say about the film in their reviews then the critics have.

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I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Froot Loop: One crazy study of a parrot

This blogger had to agree with the article in the Yoboogle Newsfeed, Parrots Are a Lot More Than ‘Pretty Bird’, because at my mother’s house, there was a female Doube Yellow-Headed Amazon of undetermined age, named Froot Loop. The researcher was right about wreaking havoc on their efforts to study them also. My study only lasted about six years, but there was a lot of information to draw from.

Bonding with their caregivers. At first, Fruit Loop, only bonded with one of its former owners, not her original. My sister’s former boyfriend said she had another name too, Polly. His youngest son was her favorite. He named her. She followed him on the floor when he was younger. She copied everything he did. She loved being around preschool aged children. She bonded with my sister and then my mother, but never me. She enjoyed watching anything with children on television, especially “The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show.”

Picking up strange phrases. It amazed me how many words she was able to pick up. Froot Loop’s vocabulary was diverse when she came to my mother’s house more than 20 years ago. One of the phrases she learned from me was, “What a jerk!”, drawing out the last syllable. A throwback from a comment made when writing a short story about a Valentine’s Day dance that went awry. My sister got her to call herself a jerk once. ‘Pretty Bird’ was one of her phrases. My brother wanted to scare the poor bird to death or teach her to swear like a sailor. A family friend said that the kids got a kick out of hearing this, but that bird never repeated bad words, even when her owner’s friends used them. One pet shop owner withheld food to get their bird to stop swearing. No one would adopt it until then.

Their almost ‘human’ diet. Froot Loop’s diet was as diverse as her vocabulary. She ate everything in the cabinet, except chocolate and milk. She loved French Fries, Graham crackers, Nilla Wafers and fruit of any kind. She even ate potato chips and Doritos, but had to soften them by soaking them in her water dish first. If anyone pulled anything from the cabinet where the chips and cookies were and she saw, one heard her begging word which was ‘popcorn’. Since she didn’t like me, she didn’t get anything eaten by me either.

Her antics One thing hated by me was having to clean up Froot Loop’s tray with all the droppings in it. It was probably payback for my not sharing any food with her. Every time a meal was fixed by me, especially breakfast, and eaten at the counter, that bird would take a bath.This meant my removing the tray at the bottom of her cage with all the droppings in it, replacing it with newspaper, making sure she had enough water and sifting through the litter to clean it. It amazed me that my stomach held out. Sometime, the odor from the tray was over powering. The first time she took a bath, her owner got wetter than she did because he teased her a lot. My sister got stuck cleaning the cage out once. It was so bad, she had to use the outside hose to clean it.

Other than liking children at the house and on television, Froot Loop loved to entertain herself  and others. My sister placed a mirror behind her cage so she could see herself. That crazy bird was all in the mirror saying hi real funny with her feathers all puffed out. It made us all laugh.She pretended to soar when she heard the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes she met my mother where she heard the sound. In the middle bedroom. If anyone used the kitchen phone, she whistled her cat call. If one left the kitchen, she got as loud as a foghorn because she wanted attention. At ten in the morning, that sound was a bit much. At other times, she made us all laugh, rolling on her back at the bottom of the cage and hanging upside down. Sometime she would face the wall and speak in a low murmur like she was possessed.

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Android phone users beware of the latest hackers

While Apple was introducing a new iPhone 5 among other products, Android phone users were worried about the latest hackers. According to a research paper by a Cyber firm NorthBit, it affected android phones 2.2 to 4.0 and 5.0 to 5.1 . Apparently, it used infected online video files to spy on the user.

Like everyone else, my next question was why the hackers did this? Well, it was almost impossible to hack into an iPhone, some users cried foul when the FBI wanted to use a program of their own creation to unlock the encrypted iPhone of the California incident that killed 14. The courts were still deciding the legality of this too. This blogger still thought that since the two were deceased, their rights didn’t matter since they committed a terrorist act.

Instead of doing things the old fashioned way, hackers used the online shipping servers to get their manifests. That way, they were able to see whether the cargo was valuable to them or not. Remember the petroleum that was stolen a while back? Well, hackers also were able to use computer servers where personal information from one’s phone were stored too. This would scare anyone who had information someone wanted. Thankfully, not all people had things like that to hide as if their personal information wasn’t a major concern

Even though the damage had to occur when one visited and downloaded an infected video, there was some good news, if one could call it that. The hackers had to design it for the operating system and phone type one used. The worst of these phones were not limited to the above list. Other phones vulnerable to these hackers were:  Nexus 5” with stock operating system,  it also worked after a little modification,  on HTC One, LG G3 and Samsung S5.

The Android Marshmellow 6 was not affected, though.



I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Urination at the Kellogg’s plant was disgraceful, unethical and gross

The person responsible for urinating in a Kellogg’s plant assembly line should be prosecuted for health code violations, This video was shot two years ago, but the identity of the one on camera still remained unidentified. Frankly, this Kellog’s employee deserved to be fired and arrested.

At least the Kellogg’s company apologized, being taken aback and appalled over the incident. Apparently, this supposedly affected the cereal, the treats and puffed rice cake products. At least they were expired by now. Thank goodness this blogger did not eat cold cereal. It made me sick to hear and watch this video even though the anchorwoman warned me.

What possessed anyone into doing something so stupid? Why did it take so long for the video to emerge on social media? To me, this was disgraceful, unethical, and downright gross. At least the authorities were looking into filing criminal charges against this person or people responsible. Even though my knowledge of health code violations was lacking,  There were a few in the crime report from the Kellogg’s Tennessee plant, according to one news article.

If they did this to be humorous, they missed the mark on that. People who urinate in alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks and had people drink them for laughs were not any friend of anyone. Suppose someone got sick from eating the products that had urine in them? It sure made people in the video want to upchuck. It sure made my stomach lurch to see and hear it myself.

This reminded me of the Taco shell eater that posted on Facebook last year. He was wearing the  restaurant uniform and pretending to eat taco shells in the picture. Later they were said to have been expired. Not only did the company apologize in an online statement, that employee was terminated. He deserved it. The Kellogg’s plant worker should be barred from working around food.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Finishing the marketing course already started

This article was in response to The debt dilemma: My next move. It looked like, by the time of this second to the last webinar, How to Get 10,000 Fans Publish a Book & More! How to Get 10,000 Fans, Publish a Book, and Make $100,000…in 18 Months, my answer was right in front of me. No, the software offered was not purchased by me. The one time only offer was the right price at $197, but GetResponse had a better offer at a membership that was $15 a month after the 30 day trial period. This was even better than some of the other competitors that waved me over to them. My task was finishing the marketing course already started through  GetResponse

One thing received was the ability to expand my reach by making a landing page and a video that promoted my website/blog. Jeff Goins did have some really great ideas at the webinar today, but it was the price tag that prevented me from jumping on board. My next move was painfully obvious. Complete the course with GetResponse. Jeremy Shoemaker still got a major thank you from me as well as my WowApp contact who referred me. My Writing Site, A place for all types of trending topics on the web, was the result.

Now the aim was to take action on some of the ideas learned from the above webinar for free. Getting out of debt was paramount if there was any hope of having a life to live. Sometimes, finding where an author had several pieces of their articles missing was obvious to me, Mass shootings: Huffington Post article didn’t go far enough, Before the California shootings, a lot of these people mentioned in last year’s article already had emotional problems either known by the family or completely missed by them. It was usually afterward that the media picture was pieced together. Anything could have set them off. My agreement with the FBI wanting to unlock the Apple iPhone used by the radicals in San Berardino, California shooters were staunch. When they cross over to fight for any terrorist group, their rights as an American citizens were null and void. The same for anyone who used social media for the same purpose.

It was my job to find subscribers without the expensive course or software purchase. This might have been easier to do just by Googling the subject and finding the steps for free.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

The debt dilemma: My next move

In the last few weeks, my road was uncertain. While the blessing of a new blog emerged, trying to find a way to pay off some of the debt with the one that didn’t sell was my debt dilemma difficult. All three webinars expected viewers to buy the software by offering a freebie or two. My aim was clear, but how to achieve was the challenge where investing money was involved.

The Price Tag. After attending three webinars in the last few days, this blogger was still perplexed at a few of the costs involved in the purchase of the one-time only offer. This reminded me of my father’s answer when I asked him about purchasing major ticket items. He said, smiling that he payed attention to the price tag. Finding a way to make  a insustainable income remained a dilemma

Hooking” the buyer. Their hook was genuine enough, One did get a few freebies, but only after buying the entire package at a reduced price. Everyone knew that Jeremy Shoemaker never gave away something totally free. His software package was the most expensive at $997. That was reduced. The second offer, from Barry and Roger, was a little more reasonable at $697 or $497, using Instagram to make money. One did get 12 months of using Hypr for free. AWAI had the best price in their B2B Copywriting Course at $340, but the problem remained what credit card to charge.

Off the GridYesSurf had another really good offer with a 7 day free trial of their system, then just $9 a month after that. Here’s the catch: The user had to sign up for the second level of six traffic exchanges. One of them, TrafficSwarm, had me as an affiliate member. That still didn’t cut the price any. The ClickBank offer was null and void because of the Term of Service violation. Just that TE alone cost over $100 to upgrade. The higher the level, the more the cost. There were six required upgrades to make, which put the cost way out of my league and off the grid. This didn’t solve my dilemma It wouldn’t have surprised me to be part of the national deficit problem. It looked to me that ‘paying attention to the price tag’ was necessary for survival.

Playing the “What if” game. The biggest hang up for me was going half way through the B2B Copywriting course and discovering it wasn’t for me. The only saving grace was the thirty day money back guarantee. Of course, finding where one belonged was always a good thing. I wouldn’t know whether to be a travel writer or a product writer for a major company, though, There were so many good ones out there. The what if game was forever looming on the horizon. Hopefully my money was able to be refunded before the deadline, unlike the Income Solutions fiasco two years ago.

The inability to act. Until there was a way to use what knowledge obtained by me, the inability to act remained a dilemma. There were a whole lot of good ideas, but nothing was able to be one with them without spending money to do the above. There were a bunch of good notes. My aim was obtaining a sustainable income or enough to pay off the debt left behind when my website, Yoboogle, didn’t sell. My friend was wise to tell people to hold on to their money.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

WhatsApp launches five new features: What you need to know

WhatsApp, the Facebook owned messaging service used by some one billion people around the globe, has launched five new features as part of its latest iOS and Android update.

Here we take a look at what the new features are and how to use them.

  • Explore videos with ‘in-play’ zoom

The ability to zoom in on videos while they are playing means users will be able to explore what they watch in greater detail – especially useful when watching something on a small screen like a phone.

Just pinch your fingers together on the screen while a video is playing to zoom.

  • Enhanced photo sharing

Want to share pictures from other apps installed on your phone? No problem, now you can.

Photos can now be shared from the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive just by opening the “Photo/Video Library” option while in WhatsApp and selecting “choose from another app…”.

  • Sending and receiving PDFs

The messaging service is now offering users the chance to send and receive PDFs from within their app.

PDFs can be selected from other apps installed on your phone, like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Fixed storage issues

According to WhatsApp the company has “fixed some crashes and an issue that was using a lot of storage space on some iPhones” by reducing the amount of space the app requires to function.

  • Selection of variety of solid colors for chat backgrounds


I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Nancy Reagan: Her Influence

Nancy Reagan died Sunday at 94. As the world mourns her passing and many will be attending her funeral on Friday, except President Obama, who was to speak in Texas. This blogger remembered her Anti-Drug campaign in the 1980’s.

One thing liked by me concerning the late Nancy Reagan was her war on drugs in the 1980s. Granted, before we started school overseas, my father sat all three of us down and had a firm discussion about it. Afterward, my impression was if the high from the drug didn’t kill me my father would have. Nancy Reagan’s approach was a little less severe, but just as firm.

Her public service announcement appeared on Saturday mornings when the local networks showed cartoons. Nancy Reagan, along with other notable stars of the day, showed children of all ages what to do when faced with a problem. Her segment didn’t have to do with drugs, but cigarettes. Two girls were in the bathroom puffing on a new type of cigarette and wanted the other to try it. Nancy Reagan spoke plainly, “Don’t make everybody else’s problem your problem.”

Nancy Reagan on Diffrent Strokes

It sounded similar to what my mother told me after my brother and sister used to argue. They tried drawing me into the dispute just to see what side I landed on. Making either one of them mad bought retaliation of some kind, no matter what side was taken. My mother’s words were, “Don’t get caught in the middle.” Usually this meant staying on my own side like they were.

Even though the anti drug campaign didn’t achieve its goal, a whole lot of other Public Service Announcements were filmed showing children what to do in certain emergencies. This taught them the critical life skills in order to survive. Since young people were more vulnerable to being influenced, it was imperative that these people be reached. What better way than through television.

This blogger will remember her from the anti-drug campaign and its impact.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.