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Skype Qik App had too many marketing failures

Skype has decided to shut down the Skype Qik app on March 24. As a fan of this program, one shouldn’t feel like the whole thing was shut down. This was thought by me after reading the Facebook post last night. It was misread by me and probably a few others.

The truth was, this app became obsolete, mainly because the program already had video chat services, so it didn’t need the Qik app. There were less than 5 million downloads, according to the Google Play page. The other reason was that this app failed to compete with FB Messenger video chat and other popular programs like SnapChat video chat.

Skype Qik was designed as a “spontaneous” video chat app allowing users record video messages to a group of friends and send them off, or issue quick video reactions to messages they received. The messages had a shelf life of two weeks, after which time they were deleted. Microsoft’s purpose for Skype Qik was so that users would connect via a phone number, not a Skype username.

The reviews from users weren’t very good either, other than the many negative comments, it couldn’t compete with other chat services that offered video chat.

One of the main reasons for my not using Facebook Messenger Video Chat and Yahoo Messenger Video Chat was privacy. Before Facebook allowed users to turn off chat for selected people, anyone and everyone knew who was online. The same thing with Yahoo. Until one had the ability to appear offline to all people, everyone interrupted a chat.

My preference was imo. There was less of a chance that there was an interruption in service due to a shaky connection. WhatsApp had a shaky connection, but video calling was free, like imo and private. Oovoo was shaky also, my friend from Africa was unable to see and hear me when we spoke two years ago. Most of my family used it though. It was probably used better stateside than overseas. The best time to contact my African friend was early in the morning because the connection was better on WhatsApp.

My brother, sister, mother and I tried setting up a video chat over a certified letter my mother had to write through Skype. Because there were more then three people trying to talk and see each other, Skype tried making us use a three way situation instead of two. In other words, unless they worked out this problem Skype video chat was no better.

This would only stay on the market if it worked, but based on all the bad press, poor performance, and other competition, it was shutting down March 24.

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New movies and games to be released

I can’t wait for some of the new releases that were due to premiere starting tomorrow. Below was a list of movies and game dates to watch for.

Deadpool February 12, 2016

Here lies the problem, according to a two day old article reviewing the film, Wade was once a simple thug-for-hire who loved his fiancée, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). But before the two could embrace in marital bliss, Wade was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the future suddenly didn’t look so bright.

The cure for his malady came with a price. This is where a shadowy figure introduces himself as a savior, promising Wade he’ll be fully cured if he enrolls in their experimental program. Seems too good to be true, right? It is. The program’s leader, Ajax (Ed Skrein), informs Wade that he’ll be turned into nothing but a superhuman slave.

Of course, Wade went ballistic when he heard this. To see the outcome of this film one was to view the film. It was sure to offer some underlying connection to Marvel and DC comics in some way. Hey, did anyone think the characters could be ignored totally? Let’s get real here.

Race February 19, 2016

Based on the Olympic legend, Jesse Owens, we all remember the 1936 Olympics, where Adolf Hitler attended and just happened to turn his back on the race Owens struggled to become a part of. It was certainly no easy task in this time being pre-World War II and a few more than twenty years before the Civil Rights Movement.

This film was one of the many historical pieces that was a defining moment for the African-American community. This was one barrier that had to come down in order that athletes of color were to succeed. There were African American men and women who ran track and did the long jump. Thanks to him, people like Debi Thomas and Dominique Dawes became who they were. Until that time, most skaters and gymnasts were White, Hispanic, or Asian at least on the U. S. Olympic team.

Far Cry Primal February 23, 2016

This game, to be released on Xbox One, was, for lack of a better word, going back to basics. It seemed to this blogger, that element related to Beastmaster while visiting the Stone Age. That’s where the primal element came in. This was supposed to be better than the usual set up.

For one thing, the live action trailer certainly had a great hook, or grabbing the viewer’s interest with the short video. It also lived up to the basic human trait or the primal need to survive. What better place to do that then in the Stone Age? The start of this whole thing began with a soldier sprinting along a futuristic battlefield and being sent back to World War II, D-Day and even the Civil War. It all remained to be seen how well this goes with gamers.

Tom Clancy’s The Division March 8, 2016

This was another game set for release in early March. The challenge to gamers was domination or supremacy over one’s opponents in the game. Once again, Ubisoft, also responsible for Far Cry Primal, grabbed viewer’s attention with another hook.

One thing was its background which was supposed to be ‘visually impressive’ . The scene where this challenge took place was New York City. Gamers would notice how the mapping paralelled the game itself. This intense attention to detail should determine a lot as to whether the game was a success. Ubisoft certainly hoped so.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Sitting wasn’t the only reason my left quad muscle hurt

A while back, Time Magazine wrote another article on another reason to sit less. With my disability, sitting couldn’t have been helped after being confined to a wheelchair after age 12.

Among the September 15 article’s reasons to sit less other than the development of non fatty alcohol liver disease or NFALD, it caused obesity and insulin resistance for those that drank no alcohol. The sedentary lifestyle also increased the risk of cancer by 66%

After telling my mother about the pain in the quad muscle in my left leg, all she related that to was ‘sitting too much’. What she failed to realize was that the pain was aggravated by crossing my right leg over my left too far, pinching a vein in my back leg to put my stockings and shoes on. The pain almost bought me to tears, but it has been isolated.

There were studies that said it was harmful to cross one’s legs while sitting because:

  1. It reduced blood flow
  2. Increased blood pressure
  3. Weakened the veins
  4. Caused blood clots

Treatment began on Sunday after church. My leg crossing made it easier to place stockings, socks and shoes on, so it wasn’t a long ordeal.

The use of heat

Using heat in the form of a microwavable pad removed the soreness when the muscle tried to  spasm or jerked after being still for long periods and moving to stretch out. This was the body resisting the change which was very painful. Thankfully, with my degree of Spastic Cerebral Palsy, no medication was needed for my jerky muscle movements.

Rubs, and oral medication 

After the first few days, rubs and oral medication were only used at night along with the last application of heat. Normally, to combat shoulder pain from climbing into and out of the church van,  required me taking oral medication for my sore shoulder muscles at night anyway. Being asleep helped the medication work better because of my being relaxed. Rubs were an added bonus because the menthol in them were also a great help with motion when getting up to use the bathroom.

Stretching out

One of the few exercises done by me was the morning stretch. It reduced leg shaking and prevented falling as well as wetting accidents. At first, bent legs meant extreme pain when having to switch positions or trying to get up for a potty trip. Trying to get into or out of bed was difficult also because bending the injured leg caused extreme pain after being still a few hours. Rolling onto my stomach and pulling myself across the mattress instead of using a rocking method reduced pain when getting back into bed. pre-stretching my legs getting out reduced pain too.

Even though my being sedentary was dangerous, sitting was not the main reason the quad muscle in my left leg hurt, it was a pinched nerve in my back leg when the right keg was crossed too far. Thanks to my treatment getting into the van after church was hopefully less painful after being still.




I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Superbowl 50 highlights in Pictures

Superbowl 50 was a great game, so this blogger saw on Facebook. Below was a list of events as they occurred. The most extreme reaction was The Angry Grandpa on social media The best non reaction came from Eli Manning, as his brother, Peyton, due to retire, clinched another 24-10 Superbowl win.

Twitter seemed to light up too. It appeared, according to Yahoo Sports, that it had another heart throb from Superbowl 50 named Clete Blakeman, the head referee.  It was this blogger’s bet that if there were ever a mistake made by him calling players on game penalties, the viewers probably let him slide due to his looks.

It looked like media hype on this Golden Anniversary game was everything that it said it was. The funniest commercial was a Hyundai ad, called “Ryanville”.  It was very funny.  The Bud Light commercial starring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen was a funny too. It spoofed the presidential race, which was still anyone’s call.



Lady Gaga Sings the National Anthem


Bruno Mars and Beyonce Crash Halftime 

Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars deliver spectacle

Super Bowl 50 – Halftime Performance

Watch All the Best Superbowl Commercials These were excellent ones


The Angry Grandpa He did not like that the Denver Broncos won the Superbowl, so he broke the television

Come on Eli, you can smile! FTW.USATODAY.COM|BY NATE SCOTT

Eli Manning looked miserable when his brother locked up a second Super Bowl



I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.

Plenty of comic book movies with cameos coming

Batman’s villain: The Red Hood

It looked like there were to be more movies based on Marvel and DC Comics. Another Batman movie was on the horizon, directed by Ben Affleck, but everyone was playing the waiting game on the outcome of the current Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice faired at the box office.

The major issues here were other than who was to play Batman, but who was to play the villan, Red Hood. Some want it to be Jason Todd, Robin. Others wanted this character similar to the Joker. Some wanted this one to resemble both. Either way, they were enemies of Batman.

To me, this was confusing because the cartoons were the only thing followed by me. My brother was the comic book and movie fan mostly of Marvel Comics.Warner Brothers was adapting this from its traditional storyline “Under the Hood”. Hopefully, the storyline was easier to follow once the actors were lined up for their parts in this movie.

The new Spiderman cameos

Good news for fans of Spiderman, there will be two cameos, one in the Avengers movie and the other in Captain America: Civil War before starring in his own movie. Just like the monster movies last year, Marvel wanted to expand its universe by letting other heroes make appearances in comic book movies. This was no longer gossip as previously written about last year. DC Comics might come along for the ride too.

Along with the cameos, it seemed they were to have a new actor to play Spiderman also. My hope in all these new ideas, that the idea like the movie didn’t grow stale and stagnate. Let’s face it, the third Mummy movie was a complete flop. My prayer was that the poor guy didn’t get worn out appearing in all those other movies producers had him in as a cameo.

DC Comics getting in on the ‘cameo’ act

It was a real treat for me to see Man of Steel on cable this past Christmas. The storyline had some twists and turns but how he came to Earth was not altered. Like their Marvel counterpart, Superman was to also star in his own movie, but only after the results of Batman v Superman fared before moving forward on it.

The previous movie, the one after the death of Christopher Reeve, was a disappointment because the actor didn’t even resemble the clean cut mild-mannered Clark Kent. The man had a shag haircut of the late 1970s and his hair was brunette, not black. The iconic curl to the front of his bangs was missing also after he changed into Superman, so were his glasses.

The biggest issue was who was to star alongside Superman when he was finished with his cameos? In the movies that starred Christopher Reeve, his mother was pretty old when he left to create the Fortress of Solitude and listen to the message his father left behind in the green crystal. At least 12 years passed while he was exploring the past with his father. At least in Man of Steel, he found the spaceship he arrived in as a baby.

Which movie was better for Marvel?

Right now, there was a disagreement as to which Captain America movie was better, The one last year, Captain America :Winter Soldier or the one currently making its name in the testing markets, Captain America: Civil War, due to premiere in May. It didn’t really matter to me as long as it was entertaining. Diversity was a plus also. Even in the Batman TV series CatwomanEartha Kitt, was a woman of color. Rumor had it that the sequel was set to outdo the first movie in its testing phase.

Was all this hype just hype to generate an audience or were the testing rumors true regarding how good it was. Well, that depended on which side of the coin was viewed.

Readers should be careful not to hang onto written words or rumors coming from a test market. It was ticket buyers that had the final say as to what was good or not. The biggest problem for the larger audiences was whether the rumored last act to the end of the film which was very staight forward in that no punches were pulled. Were the larger audiences going to accept this journy into darkness or was this film to fail? Proof of that remained in the amount of tickets sold in theaters.

It was this blogger’s plan to see another superhero movie in the theater.

I love to write about trending topics and real life experiences. I love to read and write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories dealing with parallel worlds.